111 tattoo meaning and symbolism

111 tattoos are often associated with magic, since one plus one adds up to what many of us consider a mystical number. But the power of 111 tattoos goes beyond just that, as it can have deep spiritual meanings for those who incorporate it into their own belief system. It’s worth taking some time to understand this powerful number to see how it might apply to you.

111 tattoo in the back of the arm of a white woman
111 tattoo in the back of the arm of a white woman instagram 

So what do all of these digits mean? Well, take a look at this interesting story:

111 Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism Story: Faust’s Contract

In German folklore, there was a man named Dr. Faust who made a pact with the devil in which he would sell his soul for 24 years of great fortune and worldly pleasure. He got everything that he ever wanted from the devil except for when it came to love. In order to rectify this error, Dr. Faust pled with Lucifer to send him a woman whose beauty surpassed all others on earth. He promised the devil seven more years of servitude in return for this favor. Some time later, Lucifer sent Mephistopheles (a demon) with a street urchin girl in tow, all decked out and dripping with gold jewelry and expensive rags. She was beautiful beyond compare… but she needed something: her feet. The girl did not have any feet; instead, she was levitating over the ground with beautiful golden wings.

Dr. Faust took this strange woman as his lover for many years to come, but he came to regret the pact that he made with Lucifer in order to get her. She could never walk on the earth like other people could; she would forever be separated from him because of her inability to truly love him back. Although you might think Faust had his dream girl in the end, he knew deep down inside that this was not true love at all… it was just a delusion of grandeur brought upon by greed and unbridled lust.

Dr. Johann Georg Faust who made a pact with the devil and signed his name using all of the digits between 1 and 11 (1+0+1+4). When he finally came to terms with what he had done, he stabbed himself in the heart…and died on March 26th at age 56. The day can be reduced to 3-26 which corresponds to the number 111 as well!

This is why some people associate 111 tattoos with vanity, lust and greed.

Other interpretations of the 111 tattoo

The number 111 has taken on a lot of interpretations throughout history. For example, in Russian occultism it represents the number of demons that were released when people desecrated Christian churches.


In some cases, people who have a tattoo of the number 111 might actually be concealing their real identity for any one of a variety of reasons – including possible criminal activity. So whenever you see someone sporting a tattoo that has 111 included in it, or if they happen to mention that they were born on 11/11 or even were otherwise influenced by the number 111, you might want to be cautious of this person’s intentions. Whether it’s a sign of magic, mathematics, identity concealment or simply a psychic gift doesn’t really matter – all we know for sure is that there is something incredibly special about the number 111 and it has some sort of meaning for any individual who does not ignore its power.