5 Most Stunning Tattoos I’ve Seen In 2022

As the year 2022 came to a close, I, a huge fan of tattoos, decided to make a list of the best tattoos I’ve seen throughout the year.

After narrowing it down, I have finalized my list of the top five tattoos of 2022. These tattoos are insane and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

Number 5: Mandalorian and Grogu Tattoo by Kyle Tattoos on Instagram

This tattoo blew my mind when I first saw it.

The detail throughout the whole piece is absolutely amazing, and the color portrayal of how the colors work with one another is just so beautiful.

I wouldn’t normally have a Star Wars tattoo on my favorite tattoos list, but this artist’s technique is just so beautiful that I had to include it.

Number 4: Hand Tattoo by Pro Team Artist

This is the first hand tattoo that I’ve ever put on a top tattoos list.

I’m usually skeptical of hand tattoos because they can look good initially but may not look good after some time due to aging.

However, this tattoo is different, the way it looks and the creativity is just so different for a hand tattoo.

The handpiece is connected to a galaxy sleeve, and the way the tattoo artist incorporated a skeleton astronaut on the hand is just amazing.

The amount of detail and color that was packed into this small piece of real estate on the hand is just crazy.

Number 3: Woman Sculpture Breaking Through

This is another popular trend that was happening in 2022 and I expect to see a lot more of in 2023.

The tattoo is of a woman sculpture breaking through into her human self. I was struck by the facial definition, the shadows and shading throughout the whole piece, both in the human part of the tattoo and the sculpture.

I don’t even think this tattoo is done yet, but I’m putting it at number three for the best tattoos I’ve seen in 2022.

Number 2: Skull Explosion of Color by Dimitri Vision on Instagram

This amazing skull explosion of color had my mind boggled.

The artist was able to pack so many different colors into one piece and allow them to work together and flow into each other.

The skull itself has a lot of decay and breaking off pieces from the explosion, making it a unique and creative design. I feel like you could look at this tattoo forever and still be amazed at it.

Number 1: Dog Torso Tattoo by Adrian Corn

This beautiful and amazing dog torso tattoo is my number one pick for the best tattoos of 2022.

I am an extreme animal lover, and I love when people get tattoos of their pets. This tattoo is not only one of the best tattoos I’ve ever seen but also a touching tribute to the bond between a person and their pet.

Whether the dog is still alive or has passed on, covering your whole torso with it is a beautiful and heartwarming tribute.

In conclusion, these are my top five picks for the best tattoos of 2022. Do you agree with this list? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.