5150 tattoo meaning

Most of the people in the world wear tattoos and they all have their own reasons. One common reason is because it looks good on their body and another very popular reason is to show something about themselves. These images sometimes represent a special person, memory, or thing in life which means a lot for them. If you are looking for such an image then one of the most popular choices would be the number 5150. You might think that what does this signify or what is it supposed to mean?

According to some individuals who use this number tattoo design, they believe that when these numbers are tattooed on your body then it represents correctional treatment facilities which are run by California’s health department where psychiatric examination takes place according to law. It is known as 5150 or Section 5150.

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These facilities were specially designed to hold the people who are tremendously dangerous and need to be in custody according to mental health laws. They enforce a great security and everyone there is heavily restrained and under supervision all the time. It is said that these places house criminals, aggressive patients, and people with certain medical conditions too such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder etc.. People with this number tattoo believe that if they have been admitted to these places before then it means something about them which you might not know.

In California, when someone tells the authorities that they are feeling great danger of being hurt towards themselves or others, then they have to take them into custody. However, for this you don’t need any medical degree but only observation skills of a regular person is required. This gives rise to many false claims made by people who want to get rid of their rivals with this method so it becomes very important for health officials to trust what they have observed accurately. Once he/she gets admitted there then the doctors examine them and if it is found that there is some mental illness present inside their mind then they are sent back home after treatment else they are held until their condition becomes stabilized which might take several weeks or months depending upon severity level.

The tattoos of 5150 are not only used by those who have been to this treatment center but also people who like the number for some other reason or had an emotional phase with that number or had someone close in life whose birthday happened to be on 15th day of may.

As it is mentioned above, the people using such tattoos believe that these images show something about them which you don’t know and this can create a lot of problems as well. The primary reason why many tattoo artists refuse working on such designs is because they are afraid of hurting sentiments of others due to its meaning behind. Read on how these numbers got famous and gained popularity among tattoo lovers:

This whole concept started back in 1980s when California first published notification on health and safety code stating that everyone with mental conditions or issues can be easily taken into custody by the authorities if they are considered dangerous for themselves or anyone else. So far, 5150 was used in several Hollywood movies to show something very serious about the character who got this number tattooed on his/her body. Many famous celebrities have also made use of these numbers to indicate their presence in this showbiz world. For example, Ice Cube has mentioned it in one of his songs that he is a product thanks to being stuck at ‘5150’.

One thing should also be noted here that this term is only used for psychiatric treatment centers whereas police department uses 5-108 for their prisoners which means Mental cases brought under custody .

So what did you think after reading all of this? It is good to know that many people tattoo it on their body with different intentions but why do you need to, isn’t it? If your answer is yes then go ahead and check out the rest of these tattoos if you haven’t yet.