619 Tattoo meaning

The tattoo 619 can have various symbolic meanings. A popular one is it represents the area code of the city in California, San Diego which is often considered to be another birthplace or hometown for many Mexican-Americans. The tattoo also symbolizes strength, power and bravery.

619 tattoo in the forearm

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It may also be inked by people who practice Jiu Jitsu; since both share the same principles and philosophies. In Jiu Jitsu moves such as Hadaka jime (Naked Choke) and Kami shiho gatame (God four quarter North South position) are used when faced with a stronger opponent this in turn borrows from the symbolism of its numerical association with 619.

Other meanings of 619 Tattoo.

619 Tattoo facts.

The numbers “6-1-9” are seen by some fans of the band, The Offspring, as a reference to their 1998 smash hit single “Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)”, which in turn is about the underground world of Chicanos who drive lowriders and want to fit in with white people in order to be accepted by them.

The number also appears in the album cover artwork for the band’s third studio album “Smash”, in addition to being in full display on the back cover.[citation needed] It was originally released on March 14th, 1994, making it 19 years old today. There are many theories on the significance of this recurring number.

The first theory is that “6-1-9” means March 14th, 1994. This however could be derived from the release date of their album Smash, which was released on the 19th day of March 1994. The second theory is that it refers to one of Offspring’s earlier releases, Ignition, because 1=I, 2=N, 3=G, 4=L, 5=E, 6=X and 9=Y if you start reading/writing from the end/beginning. This would spell IGNITION = 619 backwards. Additionally in early promotional material for Smash a fake area code (Area Code 213) was used alongside “ON FIRE” which were supposed to mean that the album was “so hot” or “on fire”. These three both coincide with Smash’s original release date of March 14th.

The third theory is that it refers to A Perfect circle song called 3 Libras, off thirteenth Step album which features lyrics such as “One two three / It’s just like one two three / And I lose myself / One two three / It’s just like one two three” and so on. It is believed by some fans that this line is not coincidental. However, this belief does not take into account the fact A Perfect Circle has been around since the mid-90s, well before Offspring became popular in 1998, therefore they could never have had any knowledge of each other.

The fourth theory is that it’s a reference to Offspring’s album “Smash” because the first two letters of the words Spell S-M-A-S-H.

The fifth theory is that, on March 14th 1994, the release date of Smash, at exactly 9:19 pm PST (March 15th), Kurt Cobain past away due to an apparent suicide.

The sixth theory is simply that 619 may be considered as Offspring’s lucky number. They don’t consider this to be too likely though, since their more recent releases have not featured this number at all.

Finally the seventh and last theory  -__+ is that one of Dexter Holland’s friends was a heroin addict and overdosed around 5 times. But never actually died. Dexter’s friend’s number was 619.

In conclusion, the most likely theory is that it refers to their album Smash because of the title as well as other promotional material including early show flyers using Area Code 213 as a fake area code and also noting that their album was “so hot” or “on fire”.

 619 Tattoo – Notable people who have tattoos with this meaning.

There are several notable figures from Mexican-American culture who have a tattoo with a similar meaning including American professional wrestler Rey Mysterio, Jr., former heavyweight boxing champion O’Neil Bell, and American rapper Michael Peña. In addition, many backyard wrestlers across America use this symbol to represent themselves.