888 tattoo meaning and symbolism

If you study the esoteric symbols, it can be found that there are three primary numbers or types of tattoos have been used in many cultures, namely 888, 666, 999.

The number 888 is the representation of perfection, infinity or completeness. With 8 being the many representations of God, it comes to no surprise that this number has been used in magical texts for thousands of years to increase one’s power.

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So, what’s the meaning behind 888 tattoos?

Let’s have a look.

To know more about 888 tattoos, let us first explore the history behind it.

888 tattoos – History

In numerology, 8 is a number whose symbolic meaning represents balance and order along with strength and harmony. In Roman numeral, the number 8 is represented as VIII or VIII which is an abbreviation for ‘viii’ pronounced as “eight”.

888 symbols were first used in the early time of Christianity by the Essenes, a Jewish sect who lived during the Second Temple Period (between 420 and 70 BC).

The Essenes are said to be the predecessors of the Christian Gnostics, who wrote in Alexandria. They used this number as a secret symbol of their philosophy that God is everything and everywhere in an infinite form or representation.

numbers are often found in tribal tattoos , whether they are on the wrist or on the body. This number means is related to Satanism .

The number 888 is also used in Kabbalah, which is a form of black magic. Many Satanists often use the number 888 to represent their allegiance to Satan.

888 tattoos meaning – Satanic and Christian Symbolism

Currently, some nightclubs and bars out there who claim themselves to be “the devil’s playgrounds” by using 888 as their club ‘s phone number.

This is to attract people who are involved in Satanism.

To some, tattooing 888 on their body may represent the coming of the end of times (end of the world) while some believe that it means they will live forever.

The origin of these meanings is still unknown, but some assumptions that are commonly believed to have come from John Milton ‘s epic poem Paradise Lost, 8:8. Another assumption is that this number associated with the worship of Satan.

Affectionately known as “The Angel Number”, the number 888 is a symbol of abundance and positivity in numerology. thesecretofthetarot

888 tattoo is said to have many hidden meanings . The number eight has always been considered a symbol of infinity or eternal. This is because the Chinese character for 8 means “double prosperity” or infinitely.

Even in Christian circles , the use of this figure was derived from ‘s Hebrew letter beth , which resembles somewhat like number 8.

This number also has a relationship with the Hebrew letter cheth (or teth), which is shaped like straight line and resembles somewhat to an S, the number eight in the ancient alphabet . This character means “fence” or “garden enclosed”. The shape of this letter has always been associated with natural things such as plants or gardens that are enclosed.

The number eight in the Chinese is also associated with double prosperity , just like in Hebrew . The figure eight in China often refers to long life and infinite continuity in time, whether it ‘s a wedding, business , etc. But if you have to write this character outside of China usually used different forms of writing .