9 One Piece Nami Tattoos that will make your day !

Nami is a fictional character belonging to the Japanese media franchise One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda. Ex-member of the crew Pirates of Arlong she is part of the crew of Luffy in which she holds the role of navigator and cartographer.

if you want to get Nami tattoed on you , it would’nt be a bad idea to learn somethings about her character :


  • She is super bossy.
  • She has a weird obsession with money.
  • Her constant abuse of Sanji.
  • Her outfit is not practical in day to day activities, much less a fight.


  • She has an emotional backstory.
  • Super smart, super hot, super strong, super useful, just super girl.

Ok, now let’s see some original Nami tattoo ideas.

Nami’s tangerine tattoo

Tangerine on a pinwheel to represent Bellemare, her mother & Genzo, the closest thing she had to a father. And it covers the Arlong era Fisman Pirates tattoo.

Paying homage to her adoptive mother and father figure respectively

Nami tangerine tattoo


Nami tangerine tattoo


Nami tangerine tattoo

Arlong Pirates are the ones who captured the town in which Nami lived during the Arlong Park arc. The tattoo consists of a shark and two bones in the background.

This was the pirates’ emblem and was tattooed onto all of the members of the Arlong Pirates. Even Nami was forced to have it on her arm as a mark of allegiance.

Nami's Arlong pirates tattoo


Nami's Arlong pirates tattoo

Nami crying scene tattoo

She wasn’t crying because her treasure was stolen, she was crying because her whole village and her sister told her they were going to die fighting arlong, she was crying and BROKEN because she worked for 8 years to gather 100 hundred million (money she planned to deliver to Arlong, not keep as HER treasure) and she was double-crossed by Arlong. She was crying because she felt HELPLESS about it all.

Nami crying scene tattoo


Nami crying scene tattoo


Nami crying scene tattoo

Luffy put the hat on her as a keepsake to make her feel better, while he went to take care of Arlong.