999 tattoo meaning and symbolism

If you want to have a tattoo which has a deep meaning and is loaded with symbolism, then 999 may be the tattoo for you.

Side note : 999 is also the police call number in London and it is also considered as a term for an elite police group with members working on special missions.

But all this has nothing to do with 999 tattoo meaning, so let’s find out what does 999 tattoos stand for?

999 rib tattoo
999 rib tattoo @rezie.tetuje

What does 999 tattoo mean or symbolize?

999 spiritually can also be interpreted in line with 666, which is the Mark of the Beat according to the book of Revelation. 999 is the opposite of what 666 stands for in the Bible. sunsigns

There is a widespread belief that 999 tattoos can be used as a ward against evil and bad luck.

There is also an opinion that having such a tattoo makes it easier to call for help in emergency situations.

Another symbolism of 999 is thought to show the readiness for battle, readiness for action, and fighting till the end. Sometimes 999 tattoos represent the fight with inner demons and help in gaining self-control.

Number 999 is also said to be the number of wisdom, prosperity and higher education.

999 wrist tattoo
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999 tattoos history

The history of this tattoo goes back in time when servicemen, sailors and soldiers used to get their unit’s phone number tattooed on themselves. This was mostly the case with American servicemen who had on their arm’s tattoo of such number which they called their own.

Though numbers usually give positive connotations, 999 tattoos may have a more negative implication in some cases.

People having this tattoo may be trying to convey that they are aggressive, psychotic or have dark personality. However, there are many people who have this tattoo simply for the sake of being different and showing off their individuality.

Now you know what does 999 tattoos stand for, but it is still a mystery whether getting such tattoo is good or bad.

999 tattoo designs

There are countless 999 tattoo designs, but there are some which are more popular than the rest. The design which is most often chosen is an angel with its wings spread to show that it’s at your service 24/7. There are also variations of this angel, so you can get a skull instead of an angel or there can be emanating rays of light around the angel.

The second most popular 999 tattoo design is a skull and crossbones inked in blood red color with a clock hanging in between them.

999 tattoos quotes Another variation of symbols associated with the police are handcuffs, police hats with numbers on top of them, beehives which are also symbols of organized police groups, etc.

Quotes associated with 999 tattoos are quotes from the Bible, such as “Victory is Mine”, “We will fight for what is right”, etc.

999 wrist couple tattoo
999 wrist couple tattoo @ triple9wrlddd

Any celebrities wearing the 999 tattoo ?

Juice Wrld 999 arm tattoo

American rapper, singer, and songwriter Juice Wrld has a tattoo on his arm which is inspired by the sign 999.

The outer side of his right hand was completely inked with a skull that has the fire rising from its top and inked in red. The skull was inked with the number “999” right on its top center. He had once told in an interview that 999 seems to take whatever difficulty he was into and helped him to pass through all evils. bodyartguru

There are no famous people who have the 999 tattoo, but there was at one time a vegan society which had such a tattoo to show that they were strong and ready for battle.

And as someone on reddit said about this matter :

Don’t get a 999 tattoo unless it actually means something to you, not just because Juice Wrld is your favorite artist … Plus the average person won’t know what 999 means and will probably think it’s some version of 666 which obviously isn’t good. tjwplans

Wrap up

Whether you want to express yourself as an individual or portray yourself as a fighter against evil, your choice of 999 tattoos should be very specific and deep-rooted.

People who don’t understand the symbolic meaning of the number 999 may think that you are portraying yourself as someone who is aggressive and ready for violence, but they will change their minds once they know what this tattoo means.

999 leg tattoo
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