Abutilon tattoo meaning and symbolism

Abutilon also known as Indian Mallow. It has been a symbol of affection and love since ancient times. The tattoo design can refer to a bumblebee or a hummingbird, and both signs are thought to be symbols of happiness and good luck (in most cultures).

Abutilon arm tattoo
Abutilon arm tattoo @roowolf

Some believe that if you wear an Abutilon flower it means that you are about to get married. Because of its shape, this flower is sometimes considered a symbol of luck because it may be seen as an inverted heart.

The Abutilon flower tattoo design can also refer to chrysanthemum or a carnation. It’s a difficult choice but all these flowers have specific meanings which you’ll find below along with the meaning of this particular flower.

Abutilon tattoo colors and their meaning

As a tattoo, the Abutilon flower is usually red, it’s also seen as a black outline. Red is a color that symbolizes blood and therefore, strength and vitality. It will be perfect for those who want to display their courage or represent familial ties.

Black is symbolic of death and authority. A black Abutilon can be the sign of someone who is rebellious or has authority in some aspect.

The Abutilon flower looks like a rose, but it’s actually an inverted heart shape. The flower itself is small and very beautiful with five petals which are usually red or pink in color. It’s often used to make jam, syrup and even wine.

Abutilon tattoo placements and their meaning

This flower is usually seen on the foot, ankle, forearm or shoulder.

The Abutilon tattoos on the foot can represent fertility and sexuality. Ankle tattoos usually refer to something sexual but they are becoming more popular among women who want to display their femininity in a subtle way.

As for the tattoo placement on the arm, it has more masculine connotations. It refers to strength, power, authority and masculinity but also courage and protection.

Abutilon tattoo designs and ideas

This flower can be drawn in any style, but it’s best to opt for the realistic version. It will look very beautiful on the skin, especially if you work with a color gradation.

The Abutilon tattoo is not only used as a standalone design, but also combined with other elements such as wings or different types of flowers.

There are so many Buddhist tattoos, and the Abutilon is part of them. The flower represents luck and good luck in love.

The Abutilon tattoo also has a spiritual meaning. If you’re an atheist, it can be just any other design that will look pretty on your skin, but if you consider yourself to be religious, the flower can be a symbol of your faith.

For instance, in Chinese culture, the Abutilon tattoo stands for happiness, joy and good luck. The flower is often displayed on the front door to welcome guests with open arms.