Aconite tattoo meaning and symbolism

Being a poisonous plant, Aconitum came to symbolize poison and danger. The ancient Greeks learned about this herb’s toxicity when one of their soldiers died after using the plant as a panacea for his battle wounds. It became well-known that you should wear gloves while touching its deadly leaves, though in some countries this plant is still used in homeopathy.

In prehistory, Aconitum was associated with lightning and a symbol of fire. In the Middle Ages, it became a talisman for protection from pestilences and poisoners, transforming into a symbol of strength and invincibility. The advent of Christianity saw the herb’s powers diminish, with Aconitum becoming associated with the Passion of Christ.

Aconite arm tattoo
Aconite arm tattoo @ twintattoo

Meanings of Aconite tattoos

The meaning of aconite tattoos is rooted in antiquity and varies according to people’s views on life and death.

Shamans, considered healers by their tribe, used plants such as aconite to create poisons for poisoning enemies or giving themselves strength when hunting animals. So, for them, aconite had a positive meaning.

The main reason why this plant is considered to be poisonous comes from the fact that it contains alkaloids that are toxic to humans and many animals.

Aconite tattoo can symbolise strength or power over poison, as well as causing death. It was used both by ancient warriors and traditional healers, who used poison for good purposes.

This is why Aconite tattoos can symbolize death-related topics such as reaping what you sow, karma, or the idea of death leading to a new life (the phoenix rising from his ashes).

Aconitum means “poisonous” in Latin; derived from aconiton, the Greek name of this plant. It is also called wolfsbane because it was used in hunting to give hunters courage and make them bolder.

Aconite tattoo meaning can also be connected with other poisonous plants such as belladonna, mandrake or Datura stramonium.

Aconite tattoo designs are very popular amongst rockers and metalheads. Aconite tattoos are often chosen by those who have a connection with the goth scene, too, as this plant is often associated with death.

Aconite tattoos work best on men or women?

it is up to the wearer, but aconite tattoos are usually worn by men.

Aconite tattoos look good both on men and women, but they are more common among men because of their traditional linkage to the world of warriors.

Color meanings on Aconite tattoos

Aconite tattoos look good on both black and colored backgrounds, but lighter colors may make them less evident.

If you choose Aconite flowers for your tattoo, this will definitely work well with lighter colors because of their delicate look.

The color palette for this type of tattoos is absolutely unlimited, but the most preferable are dark-colored ink with bright details that bring out the symbolism of Aconite tattoo even more.

Aconite arm tattoo
Aconite arm tattoo @urban_barbarian

Aconitum tattoo design meanings

Aconitum tattoo with skull and roses

The most popular type of Aconite tattoo is the one that features a skull in combination or instead of flowers.

This is often paired with another meaningful image such as a dragon, butterfly, bird, carpe diem, etc. The skulls can symbolize death and rebirth because it is a powerful image that remains in one’s memory for a long time.

Aconitum tattoo with butterfly and plants

This type of Aconite tattoo is usually worn by men because it looks more masculine than flowery designs. The combination of the images creates a sense of harmony, since butterflies also symbolize rebirth after death.

Aconitum tattoo with rose

This type of tattoos is often worn by women because they are delicate yet quite symbolic. There are many variations for this design, including the ones that feature other flowers too.

You should pay attention to the meaning of each flower, so you can decide which one will be more appropriate for you.