Airplane tattoo meaning

Tattoos on the body often have several different meanings at once, and among them can be highlighted religious, heraldic and mystical symbols. In this article we will talk about the symbolism and meaning of airplane tattoos – a symbol that represents a sense of freedom.

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Flying through air – it is a perfect metaphor for freedom. Everyone who has ever flown with his own wings dreamt to fly into space or sink into pure expanses of water. There are many ways in which people choose to express their love for flying: they start collecting old model aircrafts, kit planes or any other form of navigation equipment; some carry out various experiments with gliders or even build their own planes. In this article we will talk about the symbolic meaning of airplane tattoos, which demonstrates people’s love for flying and air in general.

Tattoo artists have a huge amount of different designs to offer when it comes to depicting airplane tattoos: from small aircrafts to complicated machines with cogs and chains, from large battle planes to small biplanes, which remind us about the days when women wore long skirts or dresses that used to raise up while climbing into an open cockpit. The diversity of these designs is truly amazing because every plane has its own story behind, so here are some ideas for your first ink.

One should be reminded that just like any other tattoo, an airplane tattoo represents much more than just an object. Even if you decide to get a small aircraft, every detail on the design will have its own meaning – from the number of wings and propellers to precise characteristics of a wing shape, so it is worth finding out what you want.

The most popular airplane tattoos are those that symbolize freedom or flying in general – so you can go for a bird with spreaded wings or a biplane. These tattoos remind us about those times when luxuries such as hot air balloons were only affordable by aristocrats and kings; luxuries that allowed them to fly high above Earth and discover new lands… Today, we use airplanes as means of transport, but they still remain symbols of exploration and adventure – just like tattoos, actually – so it is great if you can find a meaning that suits your personality.

Another popular airplane tattoos are those related to the military use of this aircraft. In case you have a grandfather or uncle who has fought in WWII or Vietnam War, you might want to commemorate them with ink on your skin – there are thousands of men out there who feel nostalgic about these times and they believe that it’s time to revive the memories and honor those who died fighting for freedom and peace around the world. It should also be said that this type of tattoo became really popular during last decade due mainly to modern combat action games such as Call Of Duty that managed to capture people’s imagination; because we all love war movies and fantasy stories – we still do…

And finally, airplane tattoos can also have a very personal meaning – they can symbolize your great ambitions in life or simply stand for a feeling of freedom that only flying high above Earth’s surface can give you. What about an adventure or a trip to the other side of the planet? Or maybe just travelling around your country or Europe by car, train or bicycle? Airplanes are not always associated with transport means so why don’t you take advantage of all the possibilities they offer?

Whether it is for reasons mentioned above or not, airplane tattoos are here to stay and there already tons of people out there with their bodies covered in aviation-related tattoos.

If we were to describe the airplane tattoo designs more precisely, we would say that they look masculine and beautiful at the same time – like those who got them, actually! Big, perfectly detailed machines with many wings look awesome but some people prefer to get something less complicated; either way, there is no doubt that these tattoos tend to be very eye-catching.

Finally, it should be mentioned that some airplanes are associated with death and tragedy – so maybe you don’t want to choose one of those as your first ink? And if you decide on getting an airplane tattoo design before all the others – think carefully which symbolism fits you most. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your future ink