Alpha tattoo meaning and symbolism

Alpha tattoos are a great way of saying “hey, I’m here”. They also have some deeper meanings about being a protector. The alpha tattoo meaning first came from ancient African tribes where the first tattoos were used to identify livestock and slaves on trading ships.

alpha tattoo in the knee

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In time it spread across the world as a popular form of marking ownership over what belonged to you.

There was even a group of people who practiced what’s called “tattooing for the dead” where they would use tattoos to mark over an old one that had faded away. Eventually, groups began to establish their own tribes within societies that divided them by permanency with the use of tattoos, and it wasn’t long before some people started tattooing for their own personal reasons.

Alpha tattoos are quite similar to tribal tattoos, but generally have a different meaning. The symbols for alpha tattoos are made up of straight lines that form various patterns that come together to create one symbol or another. There’s an old saying about alpha tattoos that goes something like “a family crest is the mark of a peasant, and an alpha tattoo is the mark of a king”.

Alpha tattoos tend to be worn by those who believe they’re destined for something great. Whether that greatness comes in the form of leadership or not, the wearer believes that someday they’re going to amount to something big.

Alpha tattoos are actually sub-categories of tribal tattoos. There are many different types of alpha tattoos such as Celtic alphas, Greek alphas, and Gothic alphas. Each one has a specific meaning behind it. Take the Greek alpha for example; this particular tattoo is meant to mean “might makes right”.

The ancients believed that might was right because if you were able to take something by force, then you must have been the strongest, and therefore the one most deserving of it. In addition to this, an alpha tattoo will also represent a higher power or entity that has control over your destiny.

Alpha tattoos are also sometimes called “king” tattoos because their style is so bold and large in scale compared to other styles around today. The term “alpha” has become associated with the strongest or most dominant animal in a given pack, which is why alphas are considered symbols of power.

The wearer of an alpha tattoo believes that they have great power inside them, and if the time ever comes where they’re challenged by someone else who’s just as powerful, then they’ll win because that’s what they’ve been destined to do.

Alpha tattoos are generally done in black, with little use of color. The lines are nice and thin, but are still bold enough that they can be seen at a distance. Alpha tattoos tend to have an old school look about them because the style has become somewhat outdated over time after being widely used for hundreds of years.

Alpha tattoos are a great way of marking ownership over your life and declaring your pride in who you are and what you stand for. Not only does it signify the status of the wearer, but also their strength and ability to provide for themselves as well as those under them. So if you’re thinking about getting an alpha tattoo, consider these meanings and what it represents before you make up your mind.