Anunnaki tattoo meaning and symbolism

The Anunnaki are the deities of ancient Sumerian mythology who came to Earth to create the human race.

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They were also called ‘ Those Who from Heaven To Earth Came ‘. The meaning of this symbolism is based on their representation in numerous ancient texts and depictions.

Sumerian texts describe Anunnaki as ‘those who descended from the heavens’. They are described as giants, winged-dragons, or some hybrid of man and animal.

Some have considered them to be fallen angels. Others believe they were astronauts sent to Earth by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization called Niburians . To date, no evidence has been found to support this theory.

In the ancient mythology, Anunnaki was a group of deities. In some translations, they refer to them as ‘watchers’. Some experts believe that the watchers had a relationship with extra-terrestrial beings from a distant planet . Other experts think that this term refers to those who watched after human beings.

Anunnaki has been described as seven kings or deities linked to the creation of our planet . It is believed that they are responsible for changing the course of Earth by creating the human race. These ancient gods are responsible for genetic engineering and many other miraculous breakthroughs. They were also spotted on numerous occasions throughout history.


The common interpretation of the Anunnaki is that they are demons. This idea stems from the fact that they attempted to enter heaven .

Other experts theorize that these Anunnaki were stars or planets. The Sumerian texts state that Anunnaki was the eleventh planet in our solar system .

The ancient texts also say that Anunnaki was one of two planets that collided. The collision is depicted in the ancient mythology as an act of war between these deities. Some experts believe that this event caused catastrophes and cataclysms that changed Earth forever .

According to Sumerian texts, Anunnaki was a very advanced extraterrestrial civilization. Unlike other civilizations on Earth, they were not fully human beings. They had a genetic make-up that contained some different features . For example, they are depicted in ancient paintings as having long necks and skulls that almost touch the ground.

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The existence of this civilization has led many people to believe that they came from a distant planet. In the modern days, there are groups of individuals that follow this theory and claim that we were engineered by extraterrestrial beings .