Artemis tattoo meaning and symbolism

Artemis is the Greek Goddess of hunting, moon and nature. She holds a bow and she’s extremely beautiful as if she was made to be painted on walls.

As men were not allowed in her temple it is believed that only women took part in her festivals and rituals.

Even though she is mainly worshipped by women, all genders can find a place in the heart of Artemis.

Artemis shoulder tattoo
Artemis shoulder tattoo @ marinalatre

So, What does an Artemis tattoo signify?

Inspired by the Greek Goddess, Artemis tattoos are all about power and femininity. She is considered to be the protector of women, children and even animals. She’s fast as lighting and she can transform into a bear or an antlered deer.

To be as strong as her is to show that you can go through anything no matter how hard it might seem.  She stands for strength and survival .

Many women also choose this tattoo to symbolize their connection with their own intuition and higher consciousness .

It’s clear that from an early age on, Artemis valued independence and freedom over everything else. She felt that marriage and love would be distractions and would take away her liberty.  symbolsage

Why go for an Artemis Tattoo?

As she is the protector it means that those who get this tattoo want to protect their own loved ones .  She can protect anyone who puts their faith in her.

It is timeless, classic and elegant.  It looks very masculine on women .

While other goddesses were wives, mothers, or obedient daughters, Artemis lived beyond the reach of civilized life.Her symbolism reflects this. She did not carry flowers or objects of beauty but was instead known for her weapons, hunting dogs, and the wild animals she held sacred.  mythologysource

It is the symbol of girl power, but not in a negative way.   

The second reason is that this tattoo can be used as a constant reminder for many things such as femininity , love, passion, empathy and gratitude .

Related questions

What’s the best color/style for a Artemis tattoo ?

A classic one should always be in black and grey as it looks clean and timeless .  However, those who want to make their tattoo stand out can go for different color such as blue or green.

Is it possible to get a matching Artemis tattoo with my partner?

Yes, you certainly can! But, remember that this tattoo means different things to different people .    Make sure that you both understand the significance of this tattoo and then consider getting a matching one.

Is it ok to combine different elements in an Artemis Tattoo ?

Yes, it is totally up to you when creating your own design .  The main thing is that you shouldn’t add anything that does not fit the overall meaning.  For example, don’t add a moon to your design if it does not fit the rest of it.

Is there a symbol that represents Artemis ?  If so, what is its meaning?

Yes .  A stag with large antlers can be seen as her talisman .  It’s considered as an ancient totem of the Goddess.

Where should I apply my Artemis Tattoos ?

All you have to do is to use your imagination!  The best place is on your back, shoulders and chest.

If you want a smaller tattoo then the wrist and ankle look really beautiful .

You can choose any spot that feels right for you .  It all comes down to personal preferences and body shapes.

Is it ok to wear my hair loose if I have an Artemis Tattoo ?

Yes, but if you want your tattoo to look complete then do something with your hair or style it in.

I recently got a tattoo of the Goddess Artemis.  What would be an appropriate charm or amulet to keep near me?

You can go for a stag as it’s her symbol .  Other than that, you can also get charms such as silver arrowheads and anything related to hunting.  It is best to choose something small.

Artemis arm Tattoo
Artemis arm Tattoo @ rachktattoo