Aster tattoo meaning and symbolism

The use of symbols is very common in the tattoo world. It is often part of the concept of a design which someone wants to immortalize on their skin forever. There are some who go for the simple designs while others like it more elaborate and detailed. However, there are some that look into symbolism to find an extra layer or meaning within their art. Here we will look at some of the more common ideas behind the tattoos and their meanings.

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Aster tattoo meaning and symbolism: Birth

The aster flower is also known as starflower or starwort. This might be because it blooms across much of the northern hemisphere in late summer, with little flowers sprouting up in a cluster that each open at night and close in the morning. Therefore, they resemble little stars shining when the sun goes down.

In this case, the aster tattoo is also used as a symbol of birth, for what is more common than being born? Celebrities have often used it for this purpose especially with babies. They are using it to celebrate their child being brought into this world or celebrate another milestone of their lives. Maybe they are celebrating an anniversary of their first date or year spent together. This can be seen on celebrities like Rihanna who recently gave her husband a tattoo on his wrist which represented their son’s birthday. It might also be because even though some individuals may feel insignificant in comparison to all that surrounds them, we all have a role to play in this world. This is another idea which the aster flower being used as a birth symbol can represent.

It could also be that person’s time of birth which they want to commemorate, whether it was an early or late arrival into the world – there are unique designs for both situations – or even time where you made your grand entrance onto the stage of life through going against all odds and being born prematurely. We often see celebrities use this design for their babies, but many people also choose it for themselves.

Aster tattoo meaning and symbolism: Beliefs

In some part of Europe, the Aster flower stands as a sign of grief because those who die from old age were said to pass away with the flowers and that is why it became a symbol of grief. However, there are other cultures that see this flower as a symbol of joy and good health. In Chinese culture, the aster flower stands for love and perfection while in Vietnamese culture it represents nobility.

Aster tattoo meaning and symbolism: Courage

In general, the aster flower stands as a sign of courage or not giving up on yourself or your goals no matter how long it might take to achieve them, which makes sense since many will have to wait until late summer to see these little stars awake from their slumber. Therefore, the aster can be a representation of never quitting even when all seems lost. It can also represent keeping your head high through tough times.