Auryn tattoo meaning and symbolism

The Auryn is a gold amulet, in the shape of a snake eating its own tail. The word “Auryn” comes from the ancient Hebrew meaning “to breath”. Whatever its origin, for many people it symbolizes eternity, perfection and unity.

Hre is what tatring said about the Auryn :

The Auryn is a talisman that helps guide Atreyu on his quest through Fantasia. It features two serpents of contrasting colors, formed in a type of infinity knot.

Auryn tattoo in the lower forearm
Auryn tattoo in the lower forearm @nikysmrckova


The Auryn was originally conceived by J.R.R. Tolkien, as an image of the One Ring, in his epic fantasy The Lord of Rings.

One of the meanings of the Auryn is to show that heaven and earth are one ring, everything is connected. It represents wholeness, infinity and unity between all beings.It’s believed that the Auryn brings stability and balance in life, offers protection against adversity and can have a positive effect on creativity.

The Auryn has become an emblem of Tolkien’s work, used by many fans around the world as tattoos or other forms of body modifications (rings, keychains). The Auryn symbol meaning may be different to each individual but for most people it encapsulates the principles of wholeness, infinity and unity.

The Auryn is probably my favorite tattoo design when it comes to Lord of the Rings tattoos . It’s also one of the most original ones. The Auryn symbol meaning is eternal life in many cultures so I find this tattoo idea perfect for people who are interested in body art with a deeper meaning.