Reverse Mermaid Tattoo Meaning : Duality ?

Reverse mermaid tattoos typically depict the upper body of a fish or mermaid, with the lower body resembling that of a human.The design is often chosen for its unique and eye-catching appearance, as well as its ability to symbolize a sense of duality or hybridity. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Esther-Mae … Read more

Eye in lotus tattoo meaning (third eye ?)

eye lotus tattoo

When it comes to the “eye in lotus” tattoo, the meaning can vary depending on the individual’s interpretation. Some people may see the lotus flower as a representation of their spiritual journey or personal growth, while the eye can represent wisdom, insight, or intuition. In some cases, the “eye in lotus” tattoo may also be … Read more

Eye of the Storm tattoo meaning ( finding peace in choas ?)

The “Eye of the Storm” is a popular phrase that refers to the calm center of a hurricane or other powerful storm. Voir cette publication sur Instagram Une publication partagée par YANNinks Tattoo Studio (@yanninkstattoo) An “Eye of the Storm” tattoo can represent finding peace and tranquility in the midst of chaos, or overcoming a … Read more

Eye Rose Tattoo Meaning ( protection, intuition?)

Eye Rose Tattoo Meaning

Looking for a tattoo that combines beauty, symbolism, and meaning? Look no further than the eye in rose tattoo! Voir cette publication sur Instagram Une publication partagée par Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool✨ (@theblack__rooster) This unique and striking design can convey a range of powerful messages, from protection and intuition to the duality of life’s beauty and … Read more

koi and eyeball tattoo meaning

Koi and eye tattoos can have different meanings depending on the cultural context and personal interpretation. Here are some possible interpretations: Koi tattoos Koi tattoos are often associated with Japanese culture and symbolize strength, perseverance, and determination. According to legend, koi fish swim upstream to reach a waterfall, and those who are able to climb … Read more

Skull on hand tattoo meaning

Skull on hand tattoo

Do you want to get a skull tattooed on your hand ? or you’ve just seen it elsewhere and are curious what it means? either way, this article is for you. we will go in detail about the meaning behind this “somehow dark” tattoo. Let’s dive in! skull on hand tattoos and showing your rebelious … Read more

The D’Amelio Family Bonds Over Tattoos

The D’Amelio family is back with another episode of The D’Amelio Show, and this time, they are getting tattoos together! In season 2 episode 8, the family decides to bond over permanent ink and create lasting memories together. Dixie’s Tattoo Dilemma In the episode, Dixie is hesitant about getting a family tattoo, unlike the rest … Read more