Teddy bear tattoo meaning

The little fella has so many different meanings that you can surely find an idea to match your own interests and desires. This is not only about cuteness, there are also deeper things involved so keep reading if you want to learn more. Credit Instagram To discover the symbolism behind the teddy bear tattoo we … Read more

Paperclip tattoo meaning

The paperclip tattoo meaning is mostly associated with it being a sign of strength and staying true to oneself. Credit Instagram This tattoos is often done in black and white or in color on the side of the arm or below the elbow. It’s also popular with girls, but some men like them as well. … Read more

handcuffs tattoo meaning

A handcuff tattoo and symbolizes more than just anything and everything you want it to be. It’s true meaning is based on who wears it and why penelope cruz hand cuff tattoo . Credit Instagram That being said, there are many different ways that people choose to define their handcuff tattoos. Some of these meanings … Read more

Ivy tattoo meaning

The ivy tattoo design is popular among men and women alike. The green and brown colors of the leaves and vines combined with the dark red and even darker green that make up the berries, give this image a truly organic look. Credit Instagram This looks great on either males or females – male skin … Read more

Stairs tattoo meaning

A tattoo can be a very special way to express your thoughts and feelings, and many people find that the stairs tattoo design is an appropriate form of personal expression. The symbolism of stairs is where we begin our exploration into what this type of image means. Credit instagram What Do Staircase Tattoos Mean? Let’s … Read more

Rectangle tattoo meaning

Dark and solid color tattoos seem to be the most popular types of tattoo among men and women, but there are times when you might want something a little more original. Alternative tattoos can really break the mold and allow people to get in touch with their individuality. These creative designs can incorporate different elements … Read more

What does pizza tattoo mean?

A pizza tattoo usually represents a love for this delicious Italian meal, which is loved by many all around the world. The person who gets this illustration inked on his body always thinks about yummy chunks of cheese , tomato sauce, sweet basil and other ingredients while thinking about tasty food. Credit : instagram A … Read more

Lobster tattoo meaning

Lobster tattoos are a great idea if you want a tattoo design that is completely unique and original. Lobsters make fantastic tattoos as they have a lot of interesting symbolism and attributes, which makes them a very special choice. This article will help you find out all about lobster tattoos including what they can represent, … Read more

Elk tattoo meaning

The Elk is a large member of the deer family that inhabits forests and plains in North America. The male elk are called bulls, the female are cows and baby elk are called calves. During the mating season in the spring they grow large antlers that are used for fighting other bulls or defending themselves … Read more

balloon tattoo meaning

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Many people, young or old, are marking their bodies with tattoos of various designs. Some tattoos have specific meanings while others are just for pure body decoration purpose only. Tattoo is a form of art for some people. Not only it’s very personal but also sometimes painful … Read more