Avocado tattoo meaning ( answered )

Avocado tattoos are extremely popular these days because of their vibrant colors and unique shapes. As whole, they symbolize fertility, love, health and vitality. but this kind of symbolism may vary from one design to another. So let’s find out what do different shapes of avocados mean in tattoo art.

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First, some backgroud about avocados

The avocado is native to Mexico, as well as Central and South America. It is one of the first fruits ever to be cultivated by humans and has been used for thousands of years by different cultures around the world for many different reasons.

In Japan, it is believed that avocados can help balance hormones, thus helping with menstrual cramps. Other cultures believe that eating avocados can heighten the senses or improve memory.

Some believe that using an avocado stone can strengthen one’s eyesight.

Others will eat an avocado peel to prepare the skin for tanning, thus providing a good sunburn. This fruit was even used as a form of birth control among women in Mexico in ancient times and was referred to as “testicle tree”.

Avocados may be a hot commodity now, but their popularity dates back to about 500 BC in Mesoamerica (Mexico and Central America). Around this time, Mesoamerica was filled with Nahuatl-speaking Aztecs. Upon discovering the beautiful fruit, the Aztecs named it āhuacatl, which directly translates to… “testicle.”


Avocado tattoo meaning an d symbolism

The avocado tattoo is a symbol of love, health and vitality. It can also represent the idea of rebirth.A lot of people who get an avocado tattoo are into veganism and they want to show their support for the lifestyle. They might also want to draw attention to the environmental benefits of veganism.

Fun fact : In Japan, avocados are typically eaten with rice and natto and not on a sandwich.

Tattooing a pair of avocados on your forearm is a perfect way to pay tribute to your family because these fruits have been around for ages! If you don’t have kids yet, you can go with a couple of fruits only, but if there are more children in your family, then add some leaves into the mix.

Avocado tattoos on hands can have various meanings. For instance, they may symbolize fertility just like avocados on the forearm do!

In this case, women usually get their hands inked to show that they’re ready to have children anytime while men choose this location for a reminder about their virility .

However, these tattoo designs can also be used for other things such as a tribute to mother nature or water cycle.

Furthermore, avocado tattoos on hand can serve as a protective talisman too so if you want something more mystical , then this placement is perfect for you!

Some avocado tattoo design ideas

minimalist avocado tattoo

avocado ankle tattoo
Cute avocado ankle tattoo @ troybrett2113

In most cases, women get avocados tattooed on ankles and feet to showcase elegance while men choose this area for a reminder about their stamina and fertility. This location is perfect if you’re looking for some minimalist and feminine tattoos and i must admit that hand-drawn designs look really cute here!

Avocado tattoo with leaves

sprout Avocado tattoo with leaves

The avocado is easy to understand in an esoteric or occult way since it sprouts into a tree when planted. Many pagans and occultists believe that the fruit represents eternal life and reincarnation.

Avocado tattoos with leaves are an excellent way to incorporate nature into your ink collection because these fruits have been around since the ancient times . Leaves can be added into almost any design that already exists but they work best with watercolor paisley tattoos or floral graphics.

couples avocado tattoos

couples avocado tattoos

Lucky charms, the avocado is also symbolic of fertility and eternal life. The fruit is an ancient symbol or rebirth and has been found in Egyptian burial sites as well as Roman sites throughout Europe. In Celtic culture the egg shaped fruit was a powerful fertility talisman.

Even without symbolism, most people assume the avocado has some spiritual meaning because of its rich taste and creamy texture which make it popular for food and tattoos.

According to Mayan legend , their god of agriculture only ate acovados.

  Avocado was one of their favorite foods. Yum Caax considered by some to be the Mayan God of Agriculture, most likely ate avocados.


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