Axe tattoo meaning and symbolism

An axe tattoo usually illustrates the balance of nature and life itself. It symbolizes male energy and wildness of a man who was once wild himself. Axe tattoos are more often associated with men than women. And although we can’t claim that all men who get an axe tattoo like to go on a rampage and destroy things, we can say that most of them do.

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Axe tattoos can appear in different forms. Sometimes it’s just the head of the axe while other times the whole image consists of both the handle and blade. Also, some people prefer to add other things to make it look special or outstanding.

In most cases, axe tattoos are made in black color which makes them even more menacing and tough. In some cases you can find a tattoo with different colors where the blade is red and the handle is green for example, making it look alive although this kind of imagery is rarer.

Origins of Axe tattoos meaning and symbolism

In most cultures, an axe or a hatchet was a tool that had different sorts of usage. In some cases it was used as a weapon but in the majority of cases its primary role was to cut down large trees which is why such tattoos reflect power and strength. The axe has been with us for thousands of years and is still in use today.

The origin of such tattoos can be traced back to certain tribes in both Asia and America where the axe was something more than just a household tool. There it had deep meaning, symbolism and religious value. For example, Australian Aborigines believed that when the world was created their Dreamtime hero, Waa the crow, threw a magic stone axe which created the landscape.

Axe tattoo design ideas

Axe tattoos are often combined with other images that reflect strength and wildness of nature such as animals or wild creatures like tigers or wolves. Another popular image is an eagle which has always been connected to both power and freedom, two symbols of manliness without which we would never get an axe tattoo. There is also a possibility that the eagle is just added to make an image of an axe more unique and outstanding.

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Axe tattoos are used not only by men but also by women who favor simple designs which are easy to cover up if needed. These days, one can find pictures that feature women holding or using an axe in a feminine way, but such tattoos are rare since they make the tattoo much more difficult to read and recognize. This is why such tattoos usually look like masculine ones with women holding the handle.