balloon tattoo meaning

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Many people, young or old, are marking their bodies with tattoos of various designs. Some tattoos have specific meanings while others are just for pure body decoration purpose only. Tattoo is a form of art for some people. Not only it’s very personal but also sometimes painful to get one- especially the first time! Commonly tattoo designs include names, places, events or even symbols that has special meanings to its owner. The same goes with balloon tattoo meaning .

So what does balloons symbolize? First thing first – balloon itself is an icon which was used long ago as a sign for celebration (also known as party). These days they’re not only used during birthday parties but now balloons are also a must-have for child’s birthday party, weddings and many more! In some countries, balloons are even used as burial items for funerals.

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Some balloon tattoos have special meanings to its owner- like remembrance . These balloons not only represent celebration but also having fun during those times when life is rough especially if you lost someone that is close to forget and move on. So this tattoo can also be used to put a smile on your face during those tough times by reminding you of such special memories.

Other than that, balloons symbolize joy and happiness. If you’re wearing one with some color variations too, it signifies fun and carefreeness as well!

And if you think of getting some words or names written on the side of your balloons then it means that you want to remember something special about that person too.

Another meaning for balloon tattoos is – dreams and aspirations . For some people, they wear this tattoo design with the hopes of becoming successful in life like a real hot air balloon which can travel high up in the sky! This design can also represent your ambitions and goals in life. Some people even wear balloon tattoos with date on the side to mark the day when they achieved something or if they’re hoping to achieve something big like their wedding anniversary.


Balloon tattoo design is actually quite rare compared to other popular tattoos out there. However, you can always get creative and add some elements and colors to your balloons which will then bring it into life. So if you’re thinking of getting one – just go ahead and let your imagination run wild!

What kind of people wear Balloon tattoos ?

Tattoos are for everyone. There’s no particular group of people who wear it and you don’t need a certain reason to get one too! Balloons tattoos can be worn by boys or girls alike. You’ll actually see children wearing this tattoo design as well because they’re fun and innocent looking too.

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