Barbed Wire Heart Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism

This particular tattoo is most commonly associated with the military. It is actually a symbol that was used during World War I to represent the unit or regiment that someone served in. Today, it is often seen as an emotional pain symbol.

Some people use this particular tattoo to represent the fact that someone has gone through a lot of emotional pain in their life.

For example, some people get this tattoo if they have survived something incredibly difficult or tragic, such as being abused by a family member. Others have used it to signify that they are no longer able to feel love for anyone.

Barbed wire heart arm tattoo
Barbed wire heart arm tattoo @ lucycooktattoo

A barbed-wire heart tattoo can be a great reminder of everything that someone has been through or survived in their life. By using this type of symbolism, they are able to have a visual reminder of who they are and the things that they have overcome.

While this is not necessarily a tattoo that everyone would want, it can be attractive if you know what it means to the person getting it.

Barbed wire tattoos can symbolize being trapped or held captive by something in your past.

For example, someone who has survived abuse could choose to get this tattoo as a visual representation of their feelings of being trapped and held captive by the past situation. They may feel like they are unable to escape what happened to them or that they are still held captive by it in some way.

Barbed wire heart elbow tattoo
Barbed wire heart elbow tattoo @ blissofpain_

So, what does a barbed wire heart tattoo mean to you? If you are thinking about getting this particular tattoo, it is important to think about why you want it and what it represents to you. If you are simply looking for a patriotic symbol, then that is perfectly fine.

While the meaning behind a barbed wire heart tattoo can vary from person to person, it is usually seen as a sign of strength and resilience. It can be a reminder that even though life may throw some pretty difficult challenges your way, you are still able to keep going.

Barbed wire heart tattoo
Barbed wire heart tattoo

Celebrities spotted with the Barbed Wire Heart Tattoo

Karol G

Karol G rocks this tattoo incredibly on her left shoulder


She told Allure about the meaning of her tattoo :“I mean, literally, a lot of things start from here. The tattoo represents a moment in my life where I questioned myself a lot. I strengthened and weakened myself a lot. It was a very important moment for me personally, not for my career. For Carolina.”

Dua lipa

Arguably Dua’s most iconic tattoo is the barbed wire heart which takes pride of place on her left forearm done by Los Angeles tattoo artist Sean From Texas that she got in 2018. It can almost always be seen in every photo taken of the singer.


Dua Lipa has said in interviews that she had the tattoo done to remind us of her past and overcome the pain she experienced.