Barbed wire Rose Tattoo Meaning [ Explained ]

Barbed wire Rose Tattoo

The barbed-wire tattoo was mainly created by Russian prisoners in forced labor camps during the Stalin era. they tattooed their foreheads if they were serving a life sentence, or perhaps their arms or other body parts for shorter terms. on the other hand, roses often symbolizes romance, beauty and love which are opposite of the symbolism of the prison tattoos.

What’s the meaning behind Barbed wire rose tattoo ?

The barbed wire around the stem represents protection and safety.

A single stem surrounded by a circle of barbed wire all around it, symbolizes the need to be protected from those who would like to hurt you or keep you down.

Barbed wire Rose Tattoo

Other meanings :

1) broken heart

The barbed wire rose tattoo is a symbol of heart break and sadness.This rose tattoo is mostly seen in women because they are ( often) the one experiencing this type of pain.

2) Pain 

People who had experience painful things during their life, most especially women became to regard the word pain as something positive. The idea is that they become strong through the pain and they can go through anything.

3) Crime 

This rose is commonly associated with criminals who are in prison for committing a crime. It also represents their determination to overcome the past and stay strong regardless of what others say about them or the harsh conditions they have been subjected to.

4) Prison 
A rose surrounded by barbed wire generally symbolizes jail time, prison life, punishment, and even death row. However, these have not been accepted by all people due to the negative connotation it holds.

Barbed wire Rose Tattoo