Bat tattoo meaning and symbolism

In many cultures throughout history, bats have been considered both a sign of good fortune and symbol of the underworld. In Western culture, the bat is often associated with darkness and the night.

Bats are usually depicted in tattoos in a negative light because of their nocturnal nature or their association with vampires in pop-culture. However, this usually depends on the other elements in the tattoo and what associations they trigger.

matching Bat leg tattoos
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What’s the meaning behind bat tattoos?

Although the meaning of a bat tattoo largely depends on the situation and personal associations, many people opt to get this type of design because it’s a symbol that reminds them of their childhood.

  • darkness and night-life

In Western culture, the bat is often associated with darkness and the night. It may also represent a darker side of life. A bat tattoo can symbolize a person’s desire to explore the darker side of their psyche, and it may also be an emblem of vampirism. It is also associated with death and dying.

  • Mystical properties

In some cultures, the bat has mystical properties. The animal is associated with witchcraft and demonology in Western culture as well as other cultures such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

  • empowerment

Bat’s wings tattoos often represent empowerment, independence and free-will. It can also be a symbol of new beginnings and opportunity.

  • wisdom and longevity

In some cultures, the bat signifies wisdom and longevity. In Irish culture, it is believed that if a bat flies around your head it means that you will soon hear news of great joy or sadness.

  • transition

Bats are creatures that have the ability to turn in flight, making it a symbol of transition. It can also represent the idea of transformation.

  • the underworld

Because of its nocturnal nature, the bat is also associated with the underworld. It can serve as a reminder that life isn’t always easy and sunny.

Bat ribs tattoo
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What’s the best color for a bat tattoo ?

The most common colors for a bat tattoo are black and grey. Purple, green and red are also popular colors.

What’s the best body part for a bat tattoo?

You can put a bat tattoo on almost any part of your body. However, it usually looks best in visible areas such as the chest, shoulders and arms.

What’s the origin of the bat tattoos ?

The origin of this tattoo design is largely unknown. However, it was prominently featured in pop-culture through the vampire myth.

The bat tattoo design is also associated with many different cultures throughout history. For example, in Ancient Greece and Hinduism, bats symbolize fearlessness. In Ancient Egypt, they represent good luck and fertility.

What is the most important thing to consider when getting a bat tattoo?

The most important thing to consider when getting a bat tattoo is whether you are okay with the association that it triggers. If you are not, then this design probably isn’t the best choice for you.

How much does a bat tattoo cost?

A basic black and grey bat tattoo usually costs around $100 per hour. However, if the artist uses more colors or if the tattoo is bigger, it can cost up to $300.

Is there any celebrity who has a bat tattoo ?

Bat tattoos are extremely popular among celebrities. Some of these include Ash Costello and her boyfriend Jimmy Trigger.