Berserker tattoo meaning and symbolism

Berserker is an old Norse word that has become synonymous with destructive, frenzied rage. This definition of berserk fits the Viking Berserkers perfectly.

Berserker back tattoo
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Viking Berserker History

The Berserker warriors wore bear or wolf pelts to intimidate their enemies and fight in a trance-like fury during battle. It is believed that the Berserkers consumed large amounts of alcohol and drugs to create their frenzied state. It is also believed that they fought without shields because the trance-like fury kept them fighting until death.

According to legend, berserker warriors were immune to pain or injury while in this trance-like fury. One story tells how a berserker warrior struck a blow so hard that his own sword broke off the hilt and flew over one hundred feet away.

Further, many battles were lost because no one wanted to fight or could match the fury of the Berserkers. Many opponents simply surrendered because they would surely have died fighting against them.

Berserker Tattoo Meaning

The Berserker tattoo meaning is to fight without fear and with the strength of a raging bear. The Berserkers were so horrifying as they took on their opponents that even their fellow Norse warriors retreated rather than face them in battle.

There are no records of Viking Berserkers using armor or protective gear because it was believed they were immune to the pain or injuries of their opponents.

Berserker chest tattoo
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As stated above, Viking Berserkers fought in a trance-like fury with all the strength and ferocity of a bear. They didn’t care if they lived or died in battle, so they wore no armor to protect themselves.

The Berserkers tattoos are symbols of strength, courage and relentlessness in battle. This tattoo symbolizes the wearer’s willingness to fight on even when they know their chances of survival are slim.

Berserker tattoos often include the Norse bear symbol or the wolf symbol since that is what many Viking Berserkers wore to battle. Many of these tattoos also include other Nordic symbols such as other animal symbols, Odin’s Raven and Thor’s Hammer. These tattoos are worn by those who desire to be unstoppable in battle or show their ability to endure extreme pain or discomfort without hesitation.

The Berserker tattoo has the strength and courage of a lion along with the tenacity and ferocity of a bear. This tattoo shows you will fight to the end without fear of your opponent or of failure.

Berserker tattoos often include battles, weapons, blood and intense imagery symbolizing that you will fight on even when there seems to be no chance for victory. Many are worn by those desiring an intense, overwhelming presence in any situation they enter. Others wear this tattoo because they seem to be unstoppable and always overcome any obstacle.