Black rose tattoo meaning and symbolism

The black rose can be a tattoo associated with the Goth culture, but in reality any person can have a black rose tattoo for whatever reason they desire.

black rose chest tattoo
black rose chest tattoo @ egctattoo

The Goth culture is one that dates back to the 1980s. The true meaning of where the word “Goth” comes from actually does not have anything to do with the Goth culture, but instead, it refers to an old Germanic tribe called the Goths.

People who are considered part of the Goth culture usually wear dark clothing and have a fascination with darker things such as death, and the occult. They may also be attracted to Gothic architecture and gothic horror.

The black rose is in fact a real flower that actually exists in the world.

The meaning of the tattoo, like all tattoos, can vary depending on when and where it is worn.

The Meaning behind black rose tattoos

A black rose tattoo to me stands for free spirit or independent thinking. Now if you were to get this tattoo, it doesn’t have to mean what I said. It can stand for something different to you.

The black rose tattoo has many meanings but the one below is probably the most common meaning seen with this tattoo design. A black rose can be a symbol of love, death, passion, beauty and gloominess.

In Victorian times, a black rose represented silence or somberness. In some cultures, a black rose is a symbol of death and/or funerals.

It can also symbolize mourning or mourning the dead.

Please keep in mind, like I said above, the black rose tattoo has many meanings and you should look up other meanings before you decide if this is the right tattoo for you.

Black rose arm tattoo
Black rose arm tattoo @ belousovaeleonor

Black rose tattoo designs and meanings

There are various types of black rose tattoos that can be worn by men or women. If one chooses to get a black rose with thorns tattoo, then thorns signify pain.

There are also different types of black rose tattoos, some with skeletons in them, or the traditional black rose with red drops. Here is an example below of a real skull inside a black rose tattoo on someone’s body.

If you are interested in getting a black rose tattoo for yourself, please make sure you do research first.

Black rose arm tattoo
Black rose arm tattoo @ 11____13