Blackberry tattoo meaning and symbolism

Blackberry tattoos are one of the more popular tattoo designs. The symbol of the blackberry is rich in meaning and symbolism, making it perfect for a tattoo design or piece of body art.

Blackberries are associated with various meanings depending on location, but common meanings include acting on impulse, temperance (especially when paired with other berries) and solitary meditation.

Blackberry arm tattoo
Blackberry arm tattoo @aislingmahontattoo

Blackberry Tattoos – the symbolic meaning of the blackberry

Blackberry Tattoos are seen as representing family love because of its association with the childhood game ‘Ring-a-Ring O’ Roses’. A popular Christian interpretation that has grown in recent years sees this tattoo design as a symbol of faith and loyalty.

The heavy connotations behind the blackberry and its symbolism have made it a popular choice for tattoos among celebrities and tattoo enthusiasts alike.

The mythology of the blackberry

In Greek mythology, the nymph Daphne was transformed into a Blackberry bush after she rejected Apollo’s advances. The god then took his revenge by creating a wood in her image that bears the fruit she was turned into.

There are also legends that say when Eve plucked the apple from the tree, she was actually plucking a Blackberry.

the Celtic meaning of the blackberry

Celtic culture shares a number of similar themes with Greek mythology due to their common ancestry. The Celts also have stories that link berries to immortality and reincarnation. It was believed that consuming seven types of berries would allow people to live forever and that the druids (Celtic priests) believed in reincarnation.

the Christian meaning of the blackberry

In Christianity, specifically Catholicism, the Blackberry is seen as a symbol of faith and loyalty because of its connection with Adam and Eve. The fruit was only eaten when they disobeyed God’s wishes and ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge. This shows their loyalty to each other over God, so when depicted together in tattoo art, it is meant to symbolise faithfulness.

where will I put my blackberry tattoo?

There are lots of places you can get a Blackberry tattoo, however some are more popular than others.

Here’s a selection of the most popular spots for Blackberry tattoos…

Wrist – both wrists actually, because they look really good when paired together ,Ankle ,Thigh, Lower back ,Arm (bicep or tricep) Neck ,Ribcage ,Side of the torso.

Blackberry leg Tattoo
Blackberry leg Tattoo @ genevieve_tattoos

which designs can I choose from?

There’s a huge range of different options to choose from when it comes to designing your Blackberry tattoo. Here are some general styles and themes that you could go for…

  • Traditional style
  • Mandalas
  • Geometric
  • Celtic style
  • Portraits and realism Floral pieces
  • Watercolour tattoos
  • Ribbon and banner tattoos
  • Simple black and grey pieces
  • Blackberry tattoos with other berries in them

Are there any specific rules or guidelines?

There are no real guidelines when getting your Blackberry tattoo, just follow your heart! However if you are looking to get a matching set with either relatives or friends it is often considered bad luck to have the same design as someone else.