Blackout tattoo meaning ( explained )

Blackout tattoo meanings are not always linked to dark or even negative side of things.

Although at the first glance it may look like that, it can also be an expression of deep grief for someone who passed away (it like wearing black at funerals). It might be for example a remembrance tattoo with a photo or saying dedicated to one’s deceased child or parent.

blackout arm tattoo
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Some people choose to wear black tattoos as an expression of some things that happened in their past and they don’t want to forget them.

Blackout tattoos look like darkness, and they carry meanings like : mystery, secret, hidden, magic and darkness (opposite to white  ink which is the meaning of purity and innocence).

blackout chest and arm tattoo

is a Blackout tattoo safe ?

The blackout tattoo is a new form of tattooing that has been gaining popularity over the last few years. The idea behind this type of tattoo is to cover up or hide an old piece of work with a new one, or to cover up an old scar with a new design.

A blackout tattoo essentially speaks for itself: a form of tattooing which typically covers a section of the body—often the arms or legs—in solid, opaque black ink. The design is deliberately bold, leaving a large chunk of the body in nothing but black ink.


A blackout tattoo is very dangerous. Not only you must have serious nerve pain tolerance, but also it can leave scars which will be your constant reminder for this mistake forever (you can’t escape your mistake, like in some other kinds of tattoos).

Blackout tats are not the new thing on the market, but they are also far from mainstream. Since these tattoos are very risky some people choose to cover this part of their body with other tattoo designs after recovering some period of time (usually it is one year). You can ask about blackout tattoo pain and aftercare in the studio where you will get it done.

Blackout tattoo design ideas

If you want to get a blackout tattoo, but don’t know what design should be good for you, we prepared some ideas below:

1) Cover up your previous mistake. If you already have one then why not replacing that with something much … darker than before?!

blackout arm tattoo

2) Blackout arm/sleeve tattoos are good choice for people who are looking cool tattoo that covers the upper arm/bicep. It might be hard at first, but after time you’ll get used to this kind of body art and it will look awesome on you.

blackout arm tattoo

3) Wrist tattoos are always a good idea, but blackout wrist tattoos are … well.

blackout wrist tattoo

4) Blackout back tattoos are also a good-looking tattoos that will remind you about your past, but won’t show it off to the whole world. If you want everyone to notice them then go somewhere else and don’t bother getting a blackout tattoo.

blackout back tattoo

5) Neck tattoos are also a very interesting choice for people who don’t want their past to haunt them forever. You can always cover your neck tattoos with something else or you can hide it as well (you should be smart enough to figure out which is the best option).

blackout neck and arms tattoo
blackout neck and arms tattoo @antonio90__