Blueberry tattoo meaning and symbolism

When it comes to tattoos, blueberries are among the most popular images. A blueberry tattoo design fits on almost any part of the body and looks great in many different settings. No matter if you’re getting a simple outline or using an entire blueberry field as your new ink, there are plenty of unique meanings behind the tattoo that have been used and appreciated for centuries.

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Blueberry Tattoo Meaning – Native Americans

The blueberry is an edible fruit that’s often found in the woods and on hillsides, just like how Native Americans would have lived. The sweet flavor of the blueberries has made them a part of people’s diets for generations, which is one reason why the blueberry tattoo is used to represent something that’s a part of your life and history.

Blueberry Tattoo Meaning – Color and Depth

When it comes to tattoos, color is always important. Blueberries are usually found in shades of dark blue, sometimes changing into lighter blues or purples depending on how ripe they are. When the tattoo is filled in with dark blue, it can symbolize that you are strong and well grounded. If the blueberry design has lighter blues, purples or even white, it can symbolize peace, serenity and trust.

Blueberries are small round objects that appear to be suspended in air without any support around them. The round shape and the way blueberries hover in mid-air can be used to represent strength and balance.

Blueberry Tattoo Meaning – Spiritual and Magical Powers

Blueberries have been used as a spiritual and magical symbol for centuries because of their color changes, which symbolize the changing seasons. Different parts of the world change colors during different times of the year, and in many cultures blueberries and other fruit can symbolize these changes.

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Blueberry Tattoo Symbolism – What do different colors represent?

  • Purple: mysticism, healing, protection, balance, healing, protection, balance
  • Dark Blue: ambition, wisdom or knowledge passed down through generations, understanding
  • Blue-Violet inner strength and self-reliance