Bobcat tattoo meaning and symbolism

The bobcat is a wild feline that occupies forests, thickets and swamps. It is known for being quite silent whether it hunts or moves through the wilderness. It typically isn’t seen unless it wants to be seen or if it’s too close to one’s home. The American Bobcat measures only about 20 inches tall, weighs somewhere between 10 and 25 pounds and can live up to 20 years in the wild. In captivity, they typically die from disease or starvation, as bobcats are very shy creatures who have a difficult time trusting humans.

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In Native American culture the spirit of the bobcat is seen as being sly, but also having noble qualities. Its speed and stealth are seen as being admirable, but just because they are stealthy doesn’t mean that they don’t have a heart. Bobcats are said to be good luck for hunters and warriors. As the Native Americans were limited by their lack of technology in hunting, they learned to respect all creatures who could provide food for them. The bobcat was one of these creatures, and its spirit is one that could be honored just as much as the wolf or bear.

What does a bobcat mean in a tattoo ?


The bobcat has long been used by humans because of its shy disposition. It didn’t take too much effort to tame them because they are very intelligent animals who know how to adapt themselves well in captivity (unlike the Panther). In a way, its physical endurance and grace can be compared to the human spirit. The Native Americans used bobcats for their pelts as well as their meat, making them a valuable part of survival in harsh conditions. In the world of tattoos, the bobcat is seen as being symbolic of strength and agility.

The strength of this animal is seen in its loyalty and its grace, which is represented by the way it moves through the wilderness. Its adaptability is also what makes it a good choice to be displayed as a tattoo. Humans are capable of many things, but they must learn to adapt themselves if they want to move forward. Like the Native Americans, humans can benefit from admiring the bobcat’s ability to survive and be a part of nature without intruding on it.


The bobcat is a solitary creature with a heart of its own. It has been known to avoid humans, but has also been seen in barns and other places where it can find food. While most people would see this as being an act of aggression, the Native Americans saw this as a sign that friendship can be made with these shy creatures. It takes time and patience before they trust humans completely, but once they do it is rare for them to break their trust.


The bobcat’s heart is believed to have an extra organ in its chest that allows it to hear more acutely. In a way, this can be compared to the Native Americans and their ability to hear what nature has to say. Their connection with the earth allows them to live in harmony without harming it. They sometimes take from nature and give back at other times, but they try their best not to upset the balance of life around them. This spirit is something that can be admired by all, and the bobcat is seen as being a primary example of this.

As far as symbolism goes, many people see the bobcat’s heart as being symbolic of their own hearts. It takes time to build trust with someone or something, but once it is built it is rare for something to break it. Their ability to adapt is also a trait that can be admired, because it doesn’t hurt anyone in the process. In a way, this animal is seen as being something that humans should strive to become.

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It takes a strong heart and a strong spirit to survive in today’s day and age. Some people shy away from challenge, but others embrace it and try to thrive. A Native American would see the bobcat as a friend and an ally, and that is how people should view these creatures. Another trait of this spirit animal that is worthy of mention is its loyalty. Once you earn the trust of a bobcat, it will be there for you no matter what happens.