Bone tattoo meaning and symbolism

The oldest and one of the most popular reasons for getting a tattoo is symbolism. It was used to convey messages, depict events, represent strong emotions… And now you can be sure that people with bones tattoos are not an exception.

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There is a huge variety of “bones” designs to choose from – they are usually single or combined bones or bones as a pattern. As you can see below, these tattoos work perfectly for such body parts as arms/hands, upper back and chest, legs and feet.

By the way, bones symbolism differs from region to region. So it’s better not just look through pictures of bone tattoos but also know their meaning before getting one on your skin.

Here are the most common ones:

  • protection;
  • stability;
  • sorrow and death;
  • power and strength;
  • spirituality and faith;
  • wisdom, experience and knowledge.
  • a broken bone tattoo may symbolize a broken part of your life, something that is over and you should let go. It can also express how strong you are to overcome all obstacles [ i.e. getting a tattoo like this will ensure it will never break again – no matter what happens ]

The list goes on with such bones tattoo meanings as “bravery” (for example, skull with knives), “balance and inner peace” (a man with scales and a serenity mask), “freedom and spiritual integrity” (skulls angel wings).

Such tattoos are not only meaningful but also pretty looking.

The main advice on how to choose a perfect bone tattoos is to take into account its placement. The more visible it is the better because you will be able to show it off and tell others about its meaning.

And finally, here is couple of cool pictures for you:

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– this one reminds me of Indiana Jones 🙂

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