Bonsai tattoo meaning and symbolism

A bonsai tree is one of the most beautiful and subtle creatures, but at the same time, it can be completely different. There are many kinds of bonsai trees in nature, each having it’s meaning and symbolism. Most often bonsai tattoos are associated with wisdom, balance, and harmony. Sometimes they symbolize an inward journey (inner wisdom) and the strength of will.

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Bonsai tattoos look great on both men and women. But before you decide to create a tattoo of this kind, you should think carefully about the meaning and symbolism of such tattoos so as not to do something wrong or offend other people with your decision.

A Bonsai Tattoo can symbolize:

– harmony and balance;

– the wisdom of experience;

– inner strength and endurance;

– a long journey.

Bonzai tattoo designs and their meanings

Bonsai tattoos on the shoulder or chest can symbolize someone who knows what life is about. This person leads a calm existence, he has everything under control and does not rush to anything. He knows that time flows slowly and waits for the right moment, never making a mistake. Bonsai tattoos on shoulder blades can symbolize strength of will and endurance during difficult periods in life.

A bonsai tree with a broken trunk is a warning not to rush toward your goal, especially if it’s going to hurt you or the people around you. Bamboo tattoos represent strength and endurance of will, but also can symbolize refinement and subtlety of feelings.

Bonsai tree tattoo on the knuckles means that this person is patient and has inner wisdom, which allows him to always be victorious in any situation. If a tree is growing out of a book, this symbolizes the inner journey in search of knowledge about the world, in order to become wiser.

Bonsai tattoos on the wrist can symbolize refinement and determination. If a person gets this tattoo behind their ear, it means they are incredibly perceptive, pick up subtleties better than most people or they have an incredible memory.

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Of course, bonsai tattoos can have completely different meanings, depending on certain symbols in the tattoo. Bamboo symbolizes strength and endurance of will or refinement of feelings, while an elephant or tortoise poses a warning not to rush your decision-making process.

If you are still unsure about what bonsai tattoos mean, ask your tattoo artist for more explanations. And if you have never thought of getting a tattoo, but after reading this article you are more than certain that it’s what you want to do, we recommend visiting our gallery and choosing the tattoo which will surprise everyone!

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