Book tattoo meaning and symbolism

The book tattoo meaning goes beyond the simple form of a book. It is in fact, many different meanings that come into play when someone chooses to get this classic look on their skin. The main reason for getting a book tattoo is to give a person a sense of knowledge and intelligence, which can symbolize their thirst for wisdom and understanding.

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symbol of education

A book tattoo can also be a symbol of education, as they are most commonly found on the upper back and shoulders. A smart, well read person would not only find themselves highly intelligent but highly respectable as well, which is why a lot of business professionals choose to have this classic tattoo design inked onto their skin.

the story of one’s life

The book tattoo design can also stand for the story of one’s life, which is why it can be found on many different people who are seeking to embrace something new. Whether they choose to call it their story or their journey, this classic tattoo design will make them feel like they are on an adventure with each and every page that has been turned.

religious enlightenment

On the other hand, a book can symbolize religious enlightenment. This is why it is also commonly found on the arms of many different monks who are seeking to cultivate their ways to perfection. A reading tattoo design can be seen as an invitation to further one’s knowledge for those who do not have any prior beliefs or ideals about religion or spirituality. Even though the book tattoo meaning may be different for everyone, it is always rooted in wisdom and learning.

The different types of book tattoos that are available to people include:

– Old English books

– Open hardcover books

– Closed hardcover books

– Leather bound books

– Stack of books

– Library books

– Wooden books

– Encyclopedias

– Dictionary definition of individual words.

There is no right or wrong time to get a book tattoo, as the symbolism and personal meaning is all up to the wearer. Whether you want it inked onto your skin for yourself, or you would like to give it to someone who will appreciate that classic look, you cannot go wrong with this timeless look. Get in touch with your inner thirst for knowledge by choosing a book tattoo design today!

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Book Tattoo History

The history of the traditional book tattoo goes back many years when sailors would travel different seas and oceans. Part of their traveling involved crossing over the Atlantic Ocean, which was often times referred to as “going down the books.” This is where the term “the book” came from in reference to the ocean.

Another one of the history tattoo meanings comes into play with pirates, who would eventually begin using tattoos as a way to mark slaves and criminals.

Sailors would cross the vast waters and trade goods with different countries, such as Africa and Europe. They would also go to ports that were filled with other sailors who had different cultures than that of their own. This is where they would get many of their tattoos, which were often times picked up through local traditions. These included practices like branding runaway criminals across the face, chest, or backs of their limbs.