Bottle tattoo meaning and symbolism

This article is dedicated to an ink style, called “bottle tattoos” or “tattoo bottles”. Usually depicted as a glass bottle with cork, but sometimes there are different kinds of bottles that have distinctive content inside. Bottle tattoos are usually symbolize the alcoholic drink – whiskey, rum, champagne etc., but this is not always so. This is a type of ink that often symbolizes the length and constant search for something better.

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The idea of ​​”bottle tattoos” comes from the tattoo “tattoo bottle”, which is sought as an expression of love and affection to drink alcohol, as well as to return to it when solace or help in difficult times.

Bottle tattoos on foot are often called, for this is a way of expression, which can be understood by all people. These tattoos are most frequently done in dark tones of gray or black with an emphasis on shadow.

A similar tattoo would be “prison bottle” – the symbol of being locked inside something unpleasant, closed from the outside world and its miseries. With the help of ink, you express your desire to get rid of this prison and escape to freedom.

This tattoo design is often done in black-and-gray tones or with dark colors (a mixture of black and red, for example). The symbolism of such images should take into account that they are usually added to the symbolism of another tattoo, which allows you to more precisely define the essence of this gesture.

The term “prison bottle” is associated with the concept of ​​isolated imprisonment, so there is a desire to get rid of it and be able to freely communicate with people (meet up). It can also mean that something in life closed for itself.

As practice shows, most often these tattoos are done on hands or forearms, sometimes on the neck or chest (in rare cases) on foot. Usually in such tattoos include elements that complement the sense of loneliness, abandonment and detachment. Such an example may serve as children’s drawings (which usually depict buildings like prisons), balloons (already symbolizing isolation in their meaning) or leaves.

Bottle tattoos on neck are often done for people who have already decided to stop drinking, so they express their desire to break free from dependence. They can also mean that you do not want to go back into the past, because it has become something better than what is now. It may also indicate that you need more time and self-awareness in order to understand what exactly this bottle means for you.

Bottle tattoos on foot – the most common type of such images, which can be understood by almost everyone. Their symbolism includes a farewell to hard feelings associated with alcohol, but it is difficult to determine whether this farewell is final or just a temporary measure. On the other hand, these tattoos usually have a clear association with the desired freedom. As already mentioned, bottle tattoos on hand or chest can be an expression of “prison”, so they are usually put on the foot as a sign of freedom and desire to break free from something.

it’s about opening up to people and finding peace in communication with them. However, this is not necessarily the peace that comes after overcoming difficult life situations (usually associated with prison), but rather the absence of any obstacles that prevent you from communicating with other people. If you think about getting yourself such a tattoo, it should be remembered that these images are very common, so there is almost no chance that your image will appear unique due to its symbolism. Nevertheless, if these symbols are important for you, then do not worry about the uniqueness, because it can be easily added to your original tattoo.

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Bottle tattoos on hand – the most common of these images are associated with loneliness, so you should think over whether you really want to get yourself such an element tattooed on your body. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that people around you probably love and appreciate your company, so do not allow images of bottle tattoos influence your relations with them in any way. Instead of thinking about what may happen in the future, try to remember how many good moments you have experienced in the past because of these or those drinks; then decide for yourself what bottle tattoos mean for you.