Brick wall tattoo meaning and symbolism

Wall tattoos are a favorite among tattoo lovers. The reason is simple, they look extremely cool and there are so many different ideas when it comes to wall designs. Plus, if you don’t like what you chose you can easily go for another one.

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Most of the time, people choose to get these tattoos done on their shoulder and upper arm. However, if you want to stand out and be extraordinary then why not try something different? Yes, we’re talking about getting a wall tattoo on your palm.


A brick wall is an image that reminds us of protection and security.

When we think of this type of tattoo we automatically think of the prison system where people are put behind bars as a form of punishment or for their own protection.

However, although this was one of the reasons why they were created there are several others that make a lot more sense if you take the time to think about it.

How does a brick wall tattoo symbolize protection?

When you get a brick wall design on your palm, it’s like putting yourself in a prison. This is why this tattoo was used as a form of punishment back in the day, because it literally meant that you were putting yourself behind bars.

Therefore, if you’re looking for something different and extraordinary then getting your very own brick wall design on your palm might be the perfect choice for you.

Another reason why people preferred to get these tattoos back in the day was to symbolize strength and honor. Of course, you can’t just go around and say that someone is strong or honorable because they have a tattoo on their body. However, if they put themselves in a prison it means that they are prepared to suffer for what they did and not run away from it. That is why this tattoo was the perfect choice for someone who felt like they needed protection and honor.

Nowadays, brick wall tattoos mean a lot more than strength and protection. Yes, it’s still true that these tattoos symbolize those two things but there are also other meanings attached to them as well.

Some people choose to get these types of tattoos done as a form of protection because they want to remind themselves that even if things get really bad, there is always a way out.

Getting this tattoo can also be a reminder about the fact that no matter what happens in life, you should always stand your ground and not give up without a fight.

Last but not least, some people choose to get these tattoos as a memorial for people they had lost. It’s not uncommon to see someone who wants to honor their parent’s love by getting a tattoo on their palm.

However, there are also some other situations where people choose to do it as well. For example, you might have lost someone and this is your way of coping with the pain and showing them that you will never forget about them.

Even though a brick wall tattoo may mean different things to different people, there is one thing that everyone agrees with – it looks extremely cool! This type of designs will definitely turn some heads whenever you decide to show it off.

Why get a brick wall tattoo?

The first reason that you may be getting this kind of tattoo is because it is a symbol of something very important in your life, whether it reminds you of someone special or one place where some special event took place. It may also just be because it is something that you love and that has meaning to you.


The second reason for getting this kind of tattoo is if you are looking to cover up another tattoo with it. This means that the tattoo will hide the one underneath so well that it would be as though your old tattoo hadn’t even been there.

In some cases, the brick wall is a symbol of strength and determination. It shows that you will not let anyone bring you down and that you can just keep going even if life has been hard on you.

You may also want this kind of tattoo because it does have a very strong image to it, just as a symbol of strength, and it is an image that most people won’t see every day. This means that you will be able to remember your tattoo each time you see it and this can help it to mean even more to you.