Bridge tattoo meaning and symbolism

The bridge is the passage between two landmasses, and could indicate the transition from life to death. This transformation is symbolic of change, which can be frightening or an exciting time in one’s life. With that said, there are many reasons that people get a bridge tattoo done. Some opt to do so because their best friend has passed away, while others decide to do so to commemorate a lost loved one.

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While our list of bridge tattoos will shed light on many different interpretations for this type of body art, the most common reason that people chose this design is for an individual who has passed away. As previously mentioned, there are other reasons that individuals choose this type of ink; however, if you’re looking for a meaningful symbol to pay respect to your late friend or relative, then you can’t go wrong with choosing to get a bridge inked.

These tattoos tend to be colorful and vibrant due to their symbolism. Since life is full of change and variety, it’s only fitting that our list features all types of color schemes and symbols. Of course, it should be noted that people who opt to get this type of design done prefer it to be as symbolic as possible. If you’re looking for a unique way to honor those who have passed away, then doing so with a bridge tattoo is the perfect option.

bridges and infinity symbols

As we mentioned before, there are many reasons why individuals choose to get a bridge inked on their body. However, one popular trend we’ve noticed among those who want to honor their lost loved ones by getting “forever” tattooed somewhere on their body is by incorporating the symbol into an already existing design. For example, some people like getting the word “always” incorporated into a heart or flower (similarly to the infinity tattoo above).

For those of you who aren’t sure what type of bridge to get, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We understand the importance of having the perfect design. The following list is inspired by some of our favorite bridge tattoos that can be found on Instagram! While many people choose bridges because it’s symbolic way to pay respect to their late friend or relative, there are several other reasons why individuals decide to get this popular ink design. Some individuals like getting a bridge inked for any one (or more) of these reasons:

1. symbol for change

2. symbol for strength and renewal

3. tribute piece dedicated to someone who passed away

4. memorial tat honoring someone who passed away

5. memorial piece dedicated to someone or something that is no longer with you

6. symbol for strength, change, and hope

7. popular tattoo design among those who aren’t fans of neck tattoos (some bridges can be small and located on other parts of the body)

8. signifies your journey and growth as a person (which could be associated with getting married or starting a new job)

9. symbolizes the loss of innocence during one’s life (also known as “childhood” in some cultures)

10. symbolize the struggle between good and evil forces within yourself/your life (for example, your battle with addiction or mental health issues)

11. popular design among those who are fans of tattoos with deeper, personal meaning

12. symbolizes a new life or beginning (for example, getting engaged to be married)

13. signifies the person you are today and want to always remain (honoring yourself)

14. can be used as a memorial piece for someone’s passing away (also known as “memorial tattoo”)

15. symbolizes an individual who has passed away and is no longer with you (known as “tribute” in some cultures and religions)

16. popular tattoo design for those looking for small tattoos that still have deep symbolism behind them (meaning it doesn’t need to be large to make an impact on your life)

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