Broken mask tattoo meaning ( explained )

A broken mask tattoo means that the individual in question is struggling with depression, anxiety, or some other mental health issue. It may also refer to someone with a facial deformity who has chosen to cover their face with tattoos. 

These people typically have difficulty interacting and being accepted by society because of their appearance.

broken mask arm tattoo

This is not always a negative meaning though — it can be used as an outward sign of self-acceptance and resilience. The wearer may also be portraying an inner strength in overcoming whatever obstacles they faced that led to getting this tattoo in the first place. 

Sidenote :The meaning will depend on the person’s life experience and reasons for getting the tattoo though so it’s important to go beyond just what’s directly said on the surface.

1) Inner battle with  depression :

A broken mask is often used to portray a constant battle with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

broken mask tattoo

Depression is a medical condition characterized by low mood, a feeling of sadness or emptiness, and loss of interest or pleasure in normally pleasurable activities. Depressed people may also feel restless and irritable, have difficulty concentrating on things and often fail to do ordinary tasks.

Many tattoos that convey this meaning feature either the word “mask” or have an image of one broken in half.

2) courage and inner strength :

broken oni mask tattoo
Broken oni mask tattoo @le_serpent_rouge

The tattoos can also be a sign of power, strength and courage. The broken masks signify the struggle the wearer had to go through to break free of their mask. 

A broken mask tattoo can also be a sign of freedom and acceptance as they are no longer hiding themselves under a mask, but instead showing the world who they truly are. 

The wearer could have been an introvert before and now they are able to fully show that side of their personality in a positive manner. It indicates that they have conquered their fears and feel more confident in going out into the world.

3) Freedom :

Another possible meaning of broken mask tattoo is the ability to freely express themselves in any way they desire.


It can represent being able to break away from all the rules and norms of society, as well as not caring what people think of them or their appearance. An introvert who now comes out of their shell and is able to shine with confidence — this is a common theme behind the broken mask tattoo.

They are no longer hidden under a skin-tight mask, but now have a second chance at life where they are able to explore themselves more fully.

4) Happiness :

A broken mask tattoo can also represent happiness. This is usually the meaning when it’s an image of a mask that has been broken in two. However, this may be the opposite meaning if it’s a broken mask with no background that symbolizes the struggle and pain caused by depression.