Broomstick tattoo meaning and symbolism

The broomstick is a common tattoo design theme, which has been used both as a standalone motif and as an additional element in witch-related , occult and pagan tattoos. In this article we will focus on the origin of brooms and their symbolism, with particular reference to its use in contemporary-style tattoos.

In some cultures it is believed that the broomstick is a tool to sweep away evil spirits and negative energies. It can be also used to purify, drive off negativity and banish bad luck.

Broomstick leg tattoo
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The broom is an ancient instrument used for everyday house work such as sweeping or gathering dust and small debris from hard surfaced floors. Usually it was made of plant materials such as twigs, with its end bound in straw or similar material.

It is not surprising that the broomstick became associated with witchcraft and sorcery (often depicted together with a pointed hat). Witches were said to be able to travel on a broom to places they couldn’t reach otherwise—like a rooftop for example.

the Symbolism of a broomstick can be somewhat negative as customtattoodesign said

Ya, we told you it wasn’t pretty. Women who were seen as “devious” or suspected of witchcraft were the most frequent users of the broomstick/ergot combo, which is where we get the association.

The broomstick tattoo is a powerful symbol, which can be worn by both men and women. The origin of the design can be traced back to ancient times, when it was used as a powerful talisman against evil forces. In modern imagery, this design may refer to a free-spirit person who is not afraid of breaking rules and trying new things.

In the world of tattoos, it is extremely popular among alternative and street styles. It can be portrayed in a humorous way, featuring humorous objects alongside with a broomstick or a witch flying on one. In some cases it’s accompanied by a cute devil or a skull with horns. The opposite side of this tattoo design often features a bird, a heart and a moon.

In ancient times Brooms where concidered  symbol of bad luck as savedtattoo stated in their article :

Brooms come with a variety of superstitions and is connected with bad luck in many different ways. In Ancient times, those with clean hands could only handle the brooms in the temple. Since then, every culture has a tradition to which way you should sweep, and when you should use a broom.


The broomstick tattoo can be portrayed as a standalone design or as an addition to other witch-related elements such as the pointed hat , cat, cauldron, warlock , pentagram, moon and stars. Some of the most popular variations of the broomstick design include:

The style and meaning of the broomstick tattoo may vary, depending on the placement and the graphics involved. For example, a large-sized witch riding a broomstick can be interpreted as an omen of bad luck or misfortune, while a small design featuring only the stick and its end is associated with cleansing and purification. In some regions it can be a sign of prostitution.

The stick is often accompanied with the bird, which is a symbol of female energy and fertility . It can also signify a new beginning or a fresh start. If you see a cat in the broomstick tattoo—it’s an ancient symbol representing femininity, sexuality, intuition and grace. Sometimes it can also symbolize independence or self-reliance.

The heart in the broomstick tattoo denotes love and good luck . It might be accompanied by a crescent moon (fertility) or stars (luck). A skull with horns represents male energy, strength, sexuality and an inner power.

It’s associated with the ability to overcome one’s fears, which can be helpful when overcoming personal problems.

A witch riding a broomstick is an ancient symbol of femininity, sexuality and female fertility . It can also indicate bad luck or misfortune.

The broomstick tattoo with the bird signifies new beginnings , fresh starts and renewal of one’s life. Sometimes it represents love and good luck (due to the heart). A cat often appears in this design—it signifies female energy and independence.

A skull with horns is a symbol of masculinity, strength and inner power . It can be accompanied by stars—in this case it stands for the overcoming of fears. The heart in this tattoo often represents love and luck (fertility).

Sometimes a moon is present—it denotes femininity, sexuality, intuition.

broomstick hand tattoo
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