Bugs Bunny tattoo meaning and symbolism

Bugs Bunny tattoo meaning and symbolism deals with various elements, which appear in the cartoon. These are connected with positive emotions related to joy, friendship, loyalty and love.

While Bugs Bunny is all about fun, entertainment and mischief he never gets upset or angry at anyone. This leads us to further symbolize this character as being self-confident, optimistic, and playing by the rules. Bugs Bunny tattoo meaning is particularly inclined towards friendship and love which appear in different forms.

Bugs Bunny rib tattoo
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What does a Bugs Bunny tattoo say about the person wearing it?

Bugs Bunny tattoo is a symbol of joy, cheerfulness and love. It means that the person wearing it has similar qualities in his own personality that he or she tries to give out to others through this tattoo.

Bugs Bunny tattoo symbolism deals with the aforementioned characteristics of Bugs bunny cartoon character. There are basically two parts in Bugs Bunny tattoos- positive and negative one.

  1. The positive Bugs Bunny tattoos mean that the person wearing it is a carefree, optimistic, and cheerful person who likes to entertain people around him or her.
  2. On the other hand, there are negative Bugs Bunny tattoos that mainly deal with the mischief and playfulness of this character in both modern cartoons as well as Looney Tunes. These types of tattoos can be worn by anyone who enjoys playing tricks on others and knows how to cheer people up.

As with the majority of cartoon characters Bugs Bunny tattoos are usually worn by both genders. This type of tattoo is also very popular among youngsters. There are many people who believe that Bugs Bunny tattoos with their playfulness and carefree nature can bring joy to young tattoo wearers.

Furthermore, cartoon tattoos such as Bugs Bunny ones mean a lot for the users due to their childhood memories. Those who grew up watching Looney Tunes cartoons can always relate to Bugs Bunny tattoo symbolism no matter how old they are.

Bugs Bunny tattoo is also believed to be a good luck charm and it can be worn by gamblers who believe that this cartoon character will bring them more luck in games like cards or roulette.

Bugs bunny smoking tattoo meaning

Bugs Bunny tattoo meaning is very straightforward, obviously representing the mischievous yet innocent cartoon rabbit.

There are Bugs Bunny tattoos with ‘s smoking design which may portray the “cool” image of this character. It can also be used to make an impression on other people by portraying Bugs as a smoker and therefore an attractive person. However, there are people who may consider the smoke coming out of Bugs Bunny’s cigarette as a sign of bad luck.

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