Bullseye tattoo meaning and symbolism

Bullseye tattoo is very popular in the last decade. Many people get this symbol inked on their skin, but not all of them know what does it mean. We will try to find out the answer.

So, what’s the meaning behind bullseye tattoos?

Bullseye is the symbol of perfection. It means, that whoever gets this tattoo will be perfect in everything he does.

Sounds like a big word to describe this tattoo and you should know, that it’s not an easy task to accomplish.

Bullseye tattoos have mainly two different meanings:

  • the first one is the symbol for perfection;
  • the second one shows, that you are fearless.
bullseye hand tattoo
bullseye hand tattoo @ pestofox

The tattoo itself is very simple and straight forward, it’s just a black circle with an arrow in the center. Most people get this design on their back or chest, but many decide to get it on their arms.

This tattoo represents the character traits of a person, who has it inked on his skin. The main symbol associated with the bullseye tattoo is an arrow. It’s very sharp and pointy, so it can be used to describe all kinds of dark things that happen in our daily lives.

Bullseye tattoo meaning is not clear-cut. It’s up to you, what story you want to tell about yourself with this symbol.

Bullseye tattoo placements and their meanings

Placements of bullseye tattoos are the same as mentioned above. It’s usually inked on the back or chest, but it can also be found on other parts of the body.

The most popular placements for this symbol are:

  • back;
  • chest;
  • shoulder blade;
  • biceps;
  • collarbone;
  • lower back.

Bullseye tattoo behind the ear meaning also varies from person to person. It can mean many things, but mainly it’s connected with perfection/fearlessness.

Bullseye is among those tattoos that don’t have a proper placement on body, as you can find this symbol literally anywhere. But most women choose to get it behind the ear. Although it will be a bullseye tattoo for women, that’s not one of the most used placements for this symbol.

Do Bullseye tattoos work best on men or women?

As we have mentioned before, bullseye tattoo meanings depend only on the owner of the body. But it’s hard to say, what place is better for a man or a woman, as both sexes can look very good with this tattoo.

Bullseye tattoo for women can get a little bit of different meaning, but it will still be about perfection and fearlessness.

The truth is, both sexes can get bullseye tattoo inked anywhere on their body. It doesn’t have a preferred placement, just find the place you want it to be and stick with it.

Bullseye shoulder tattoo
Bullseye shoulder tattoo @ 1uliab

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