Bunny tattoo meaning

A tattoo of a bunny on the body, buttocks or legs means that the person is a fan of Japanese culture.

In Japan, rabbits traditionally symbolize fertility and prosperity. In addition, these animals are considered a harbinger of good luck. Despite this, there is another explanation for the meaning of the images on the body. In Japan, they believe that rabbits live in underground tribes where it is hot all year round. There is also a belief that those who have been to the depths of the earth and lived to tell about it can easily be reborn because they will not need a long time to adapt to life on Earth.

In general, the symbolism of a bunny tattoo may be different depending on what culture it originates from. For example, in some cultures ​​it symbolizes fertility and prosperity while others – luck or rebirth into another world.

bunny tattoo in the leg

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Bunny Tattoo Meaning – Japanese Culture Popularity

This type of tattoo was very popular in Japan in the 90’s. A lot of people who are interested in Japanese culture wear these tattoos on their body, especially women. But soon it became more common to wear this kind of tattoo all over the world. Bunnies also appear on T-shirts and other clothes that usually have some connection with Japan or Asian culture.

Bunny Tattoo Meaning – Female Interests

Women like bunny tattoos because they denote femininity (similarly to cat tattoos). They look very pretty on the skin and can be drawn realistically or cartoonish depending on what you want. Some girls get them done with ribbons that surround their bunnies or flowers around them, while others prefer just plain bunnies.

Bunny tattoo designs are usually quite small because they need to fit the body part (usually the leg or arm) where you want it. You will be able to pick a lot of different colors like pink, purple, white, black and gray. They can also come in full color but this is probably more expensive due to the greater number of colors used during the process.

A tattoo artist needs about two hours to complete this design which depends on how large it is and what level of detail you choose for your bunny. The price may vary depending on where you live but expect to pay 50-100 pounds ($75-$150) at least for this type of tattoo. Make sure you go to a place that has a good reputation because the quality of the design is very important, especially for this type of tattoo. Also try to ask your friends or family if they know any reputable artist that could do the work properly and to check his/her portfolio before you book an appointment.

Bunny Tattoo Meaning – More about Japanese Culture

We already mentioned some information about bunny tattoos in Japan but it’s still not everything!

You can get them on other parts of your body like your back, chest or legs too so choose where to get one depending on what you think looks best. Usually people get these tattoos to show their love for Japanese culture like manga (Japanese comics) and anime (animation), video games, music, movies etc. Just like other tattoos, these ones can be quite expensive because they are drawn by hand and the quality depends on how good an artist is.

Many people decide to get a rabbit tattoo in order to show that they’ve visited Japan or just like Japanese culture in general. Moreover, this animal means many different things all over Asia but it’s most popular in China where it’s considered the symbol of fertility and prosperity. It also appears quite often in ancient Chinese mythology so there are lots of images of rabbits who live with dragons, play tricks on them etc.

Some people believe that these animals bring them fortune so if you live near Asia you shouldn’t be surprised if your neighbor decides to get one of these tattoos. However, if you don’t know anything about this culture it’s probably better to stick with the traditional meaning of bunny tattoos like innocence, femininity or luck.

Bunny Tattoo Design Ideas

Paw prints are great for leg tattoos because they look very nice and the whole design fits well on many parts of your body.

You can get paw prints by themselves or combined with something else so take a look at all the options before you choose one. This type of tattoo is usually placed on ankles, behind knees etc. It looks great even if it’s just plain black but there are also versions that come in color too. The price varies depending on where you go because different artists charge differently for their work. Also remember that if you want to get several paw print tattoos then you’ll probably need to pay more than if you decide to get just one.

bunny tattoo in the arm

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A rabbit tattoo design can come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on what you want. The most popular ones show a rabbit sitting down or running away with his paw raised to attract your attention. You should consider bringing some friends or family members too because this way they will be able to help you choose the best design which will really fit your body. Some people go for very small tattoos while others prefer larger ones so it’s up to you how big the artwork should be. Also think about how high quality is very important for this type of tattoo so don’t forget that it can cost quite a lot if good detail is used during the process.