Burning Lotus Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism

In Buddhism, the lotus flower is symbolic for rebirth. The plant’s blooming represents the escape from the cycle of death and rebirth. In Hinduism, it symbolizes purity – both spiritual purity and physical “purity”. In Taoism, it’s meant to represent the idea that life is difficult but if you persevere you’ll get through it.

So what’s the meaning behind the Burning Lotus Tattoo ?

Failure and underachievement

A burning lotus tattoo is a symbol of failure. It is meant to remind the wearer of his or her inability to accomplish their goal.


A burning lotus tattoo can represent pain, loss, or death. It is often used to commemorate the passing of someone who has died.

Dying and transition

A burning lotus tattoo is symbolic of dying or transitioning. It can also be used to signify entering a new phase in life.

Distress or Anguish

Burning lotus tattoos can signify distress, like the kind that comes from feeling imprisoned or shackled. They can also symbolize anguish, depression and despair. They are often associated with the inability to “move on” from a traumatic situation.

The initial stage of enlightenment…but not quite there yet!

A burning lotus tattoo is a reminder that the wearer has not achieved enlightenment, but is on the path towards it.

It’s a way of showing that their will to succeed is strong, but it may have been harder than they thought. It’s intended to remind them that just as the lotus can appear on some level dead, so too can the person who has it. It’s all about perspective!

What does a burning lotus tattoo says about You ?

Connected to the idea of self-sacrifice, this tattoo is a visual reminder to yourself to sometimes put others in front of yourself.

In western symbolism, Lotus flowers represent purity, faithfulness, beauty and life; therefore it denotes these attributes as well as virtue and honor.

A burning lotus tattoo can be used to express the idea of rebirth. This is a very common symbol with many meanings in different religions. The most popular meaning is death and rebirth where the lotus flower symbolizes that we all come into existence again and die, but spiritually, it is more than that. The lotus flower’s blooms are like “flowering” of souls…this idea helps us to realize that we will reincarnate again and again until we reach enlightenment or perfect karma/tattoo meaning. It symbolizes resurrection in every religion.

what’s the best body place to get a burning lotus flower tattoo ?

A burning lotus tattoo is often placed on the lower back, but in some cultures, it is also seen on the wrist or ankle. It can also be placed on other parts of the body as long as it doesn’t cover any major arteries or nerves. As long as you don’t have a medical condition that would put your life at risk or cause you severe pain, this tattoo will look beautiful!