Butterfly and dagger tattoo meaning [ Explained ]

In the world of tattooing, there are some really amazing and meaningful designs. There is one particular design that has its roots in the ancient times. It is called a butterfly and dagger.

Butterfly and dagger side Tattoo
Amazing Butterfly and Dagger side Tattoo @its_banzo

Butterflies represent transformation, beauty, power of flight, etc – while daggers represent death, pain, war and victory over evil forces.

Looking at the design, it is pretty easy to figure out the meaning of it. The story is pretty clear: you have gone through a transformation and you are currently pained about something which you went through. You could have emerged victorious after going through the difficult times.

Butterfly tattoos look awesome on their own, but they also look great when placed next to a dagger tattoo design. For those who have already created an awesome dagger tattoo design, adding a butterfly or flowers can complete the piece and make it even more awesome and meaningful.

Feminine Butterfly and Dagger arm Tattoo
Feminine Butterfly and Dagger arm Tattoo @ay_neka

What’s the meaning behind butterfly and dagger tattoos ?

First the dagger

The primary meaning of the dagger tattoo is revenge or preservation from harm. The preservation meaning speaks of the fact that daggers were often times made to defend themselves against attack or harm. They were not always used for killing, however.

A dagger tattoo can represent the end of a relationship, like that ending between Romeo and Juliet. The dagger in this case would symbolize death and new life.

The meaning of a dagger tattoo can also be associated with betrayal in a relationship. This may be from a partner after finding out about an affair or cheating behind their back.

Tiny sternum butterfly and dagger tattoo
Tiny sternum butterfly and dagger tattoo @jonnyrad_tattooer

What about the butterfly ?

On the other hand , The word “butterfly” is traditionally a symbol of a release, peace and freedom. The butterfly is known to represent beauty and someone who has moved on from something that was once significant in their life.

Now , the two Combined

Together the two symbols can mean that one person is free from an old habit or way of thinking, while still maintaining a strong sense of self-respect and wisdom.

The butterfly tattoo often symbolizes a change in life or a drastic transformation. Combined with a dagger, this meaning is heightened because it also signifies the death or end of another phase of life.


Another meaning of this tattoo is hardwork , as tattoosboygirl said :

The butterfly represents struggle while dagger represents sacrifice. So it would simply mean that you are a hardworking person.

Butterfly and Dagger arm Tattoo
@its_banzo x @auua.tattoo

Fun fact :In ancient Norse mythology, The Valkyrie is a powerful female warrior. She would choose which men were worthy of going to Valhalla and help them with their battles. To attract these honorable warriors to her, she would lower her cloak down to let them see the tattoo on her breast showing two wings meeting in the center to form an X with a “butterfly” or little flower image at the intersection. Eventually this symbol came to represent any woman who chose and protected those who might have been seen as “unworthy” by society.