Camel tattoo meaning and symbolism

Camel tattoo designs are mostly selected by travelers. Camel is a great tattoo symbol that brings luck to the person who wears it.

Whether you are travelling in the desert or want to show people that you have travelled places, camel tattoo designs are amazing choice to go with.

The heart of a Camel is that of a traveler. Camels are amazingly adept at journeying over long distances in terrible heat while carrying their owner’s treasure. whatismyspiritanimal

If you are wondering what might be the possible meaning of these camel tattoos, this article will reveal it all.

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So, what’s the meaning behind camel tattoos?

Stamina and survival

Camel is one of the most powerful animal with great stamina. It has an amazing ability to survive in extremely dry and hot areas. This might be one of the reasons why travelers love to get camel tattoos done on their arms, legs, backs etc.

Camels serve as a reminder to pace ourselves, and be mindful of our own energy levels.  whats-your-sign


Camels are used by travelers for their benefit. A camel tattoo makes you think of your adventurous trips and lets you remember many beautiful moments of your life.

Camel tattoos are mostly preferred by people who have travelled across deserts or want to go on a trip soon.

Strength and generousity

Camel is a very strong animal and some people like to get this tattoo done, because it reminds them of their strength and ability to survive in any situation.

Camels can adjust themselves easily wherever they move; some people consider them as the most flexible animals. These tattoos also symbolize generosity of people who can adjust themselves very easily.

Here are some more specific meanings of camel tattoos, which you must know before getting one done:

  • Camel symbol in christianity: It is said that in the last days, when Jesus Christ was alive on this planet, many people came to see him. He knew that not everyone would be able to walk for miles to meet him so he miraculously made a huge number of camels appear out of nowhere and allowed them to kneel down in front of his followers so they could sit on these animals and visit him.

Many people who have a strong faith in Christianity, love to get a camel tattoo done as a symbol of this miracle.

  • Camel symbol in Judaism : Judaism is one religion that gives great respect to traders. As they use to travel a lot, they were given special permission by God to eat camel meat as it was considered very healthy for them due to their constant trips and exposure to heat and sun.

It is also said that Abraham had a pet camel which he loved more than his wife and children. So, these people use to get different kinds of camel tattoo designs done on their bodies, depicting this pet of God’s prophet.

  • Camel symbol in Islam: In many places of Mecca, camels can be seen as a symbol. People used to decorate the entrance of their homes with these animals and also give them a special place near Kaaba during Hajj festival.

People who have been to Hajj have experienced this unique moment in their lives and they love to get these tattoos done as a memory or symbol of this religious event.

Camel tattoo designs and placement

As told earlier, camel tattoos have a strong association with travelling, so they are mostly preferred by people who love to explore new places. This is why you will find most of these tattoos on the arms or legs of travelers.

You will find most of the camel tattoos are black in color because of their association with dirt and hot weather. Camel tattoos are mostly realistic or cartoon style drawings that includes semi-realistic elements like eyes, ears etc.

Wrapping up

With no specific meaning, camel tattoos are a symbol of strength and endurance.

Hence, people who love nature and want to get a tattoo that has a profound meaning behind it, go for these designs.

Also, if you have traveled through deserts or any other dry land then nothing can be more exciting than getting a camel tattoo that reminds you of your trekking trips and time spent there.

Choose a design that suits your personality and shows your adventurous side to the world.

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