Camellia tattoo meaning and symbolism

Camellia flower tattoos are not very common. They are used as a subject of the tattoos, mostly by women who choose this flower due to its beauty and because it is associated with femininity. The camellia tattoos are often worn by the people who love life, even though sometimes these tattoos can be seen on women whose husbands died in the war.

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The origins of camellia tattoos came from the Japanese culture, where there is a popular image of a beautiful woman who holds a camellia flower in her hand. The Japanese people also believe that the place where this flower grows has a great energy and power to heal people’s souls, which makes it even more desirable.

Some history behind this flower

The coming of this flower to Japan has been of interest for several centuries that are connected with the history of China. When Chinese traders brought this flower from China, they thought it resembled their national emblem – a legendary girl named Kaguya-hime who lived in the Moon Palace. That is why this beautiful red flower was given her name, and it became the symbol of nobility, honor and dignity.

Over time, camellia tattoos became more popular as a tattoo that represents beauty and femininity.

Some people think that this flower has quite interesting symbolism and meanings: firstly, this flower is associated with purity and chastity (in Japanese culture) and secondly – with love, romance and dreams. At the same time, some believe that it will bring its owner peace in life.

All symbols combined together can have different meanings, mostly depending on the number of images that are used on the tattoo. For example, two camellias can mean everlasting love and union of souls, whereas three flowers will warn its owner about unfaithfulness.

Camelia tattoo design ideas

Camellia flower tattoos are usually black with some additional shades of red or pink, although this depends on personal choice of each client who wants to have a tattoo done.

Also, it is possible that certain parts of the body where these tattoos are applied can be left blank for placing an image inside it – which often happens with rose tattoos .

Generally speaking, camellias look very nice when are worn as foot tattoos or ankle tattoos .

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Finally …

Today you have learned what the camellia flower tattoo meaning is , so now you know why people choose to wear one. If you want to learn more on the subject of flower tattoos, you can do this by reading our articles about rose tattoos. If you are interested in camellia images , then look at them right now!

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