Camomile tattoo meaning and symbolism

Do you like flowers? Do you like tattoos? Then why not combine them both in one beautiful tattoo design? The camomile flower is an easy one to incorporate into a small and simple design, yet the symbolism this little flower carries is incredibly powerful.

Camomile arm tattoo
Camomile arm tattoo @janina_tattoo

So, what’s the meaning behind camomile tattoos?

A symbol of healing

First of all, the camomile flower has been used for centuries as a natural remedy. It can be applied to wounds and cuts to help clean them and prevent infection. This idea behind using the camomile plant as medicine is just one of the reasons why camomile tattoo meanings include healing.

Nowadays, this symbol of healing is used as a tattoo symbol in many ways. There are camomile flowers that look like they are growing out of the skin, which is great for sleeve tattoos or larger designs on the back or shoulder.


Another, older reason for this flower being chosen as a tattoo is that it’s believed to be able to ward off nightmares. It’s also connected with the idea of purification and cleansing of the body.

trustworthiness, purity and loyalty

Finally, camomile flower tattoos are thought to symbolize trustworthiness, purity and loyalty. Many people get these types of tattoos in order to demonstrate their loyalty in a personal way. There’s something about wearing this flower permanently that says “I’m here to stay, I won’t let you down.”

camomile flower arm tattoo
camomile flower arm tattoo @ agataris

Camomile tattoo colors and their meanings

There are many different kinds of camomile flowers, so you can choose the one that appeals to you most. It’s important however to always remember the meaning behind the flower when choosing tattoo colors. Here are some examples:

White camomile tattoos – innocence

One of the oldest types of this flower is white in color. The folklore behind the white camomile is that it’s a symbol of innocence and purity. If you’re looking for a small and simple design this may just be the one for you.

Yellow camomile flowers – friendship

The yellow camomile flower, also known as the “true” camomile flower, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. This flower is thought to bring joyful energy, which makes it a great choice for friendship tattoos.

Red camomile flowers – passion and desire

The red camomile has long been valued by herbalists for its healing properties. It was traditionally used in love rituals because of the intense amount of passion that this color brings.

Blue camomile tattoos – love and protection

There’s a special type of blue camomile flower that grows in the Alps. It has long been used to protect people from nightmares and evil spirits. The symbolism behind these beautiful flowers is strong, which makes them great for tattoo designs.

Black camomile tattoos – intuition

The fact that the camomile flower is so versatile has allowed it to be used in many different spiritual practices. The black camomile, which has a deep and intensely powerful energy, was traditionally worn by witches and seers as a symbol of their sixth sense or intuition.

camomile ancle tattoo
camomile ancle tattoo @ noaholinger

Camomille tattoo placements

The camomile flower can be used as a design for any part of the body, but it has certain meanings depending on where you place the tattoo. Here are some examples:

Camomille Ankle tattoos

The ankle is a very personal area of the body and it’s one that carries deep symbolism. Ankles represent movement, freedom and change. Whether you are trying to move forward or make changes in your life, the symbolism behind this placement is perfect for new beginnings.

Camomille Chest tattoos

The chest area represents our heartbeat and inner self. Placing a camomile flower tattoo on the chest symbolizes that you are ready to open up about certain things in your life. You are ready to reveal your heart, mind and soul.

Camomille Foot tattoos

If you are someone who wants to keep their camomile plant tattoo a secret for whatever reason then the underside of the foot is the perfect location. It’s out of sight but it will always be with you when you need it most.

Camomille Wrist tattoos

The wrist area is a very intimate location on the body. It represents our connection to others and it’s often used as a point of visualization in meditation practices. Placing a small camomile tattoo on the inside or outside of the wrist means that you are ready for new beginnings and fresh starts.