Candle tattoo meaning and symbolism

One of the most common and popular tattoo designs for both men and women is a candle. In general, people choose to get a tattoo of a candle in order to add meaning to their lives.

Candle tattoos are also very popular among followers of new age religions, paganism, witchcraft or Wicca.

So what do candle tattoos really mean?

Candle tattoos represent light in the darkness, hope, warmth, and new beginnings. They symbolize inspiration or mental illumination. Candles can also be a source of heat or power. Thus they may denote an ability to see or find one’s way in life.

In addition, candles can also symbolize a spiritual or emotional journey. Some people see their spiritual path as a journey in the darkness or into the unknown.

Candle arm tattoo
Candle arm tattoo

The flame of a candle, just like the light from a torch, can be used as a guide by those who have lost their way.

As for the symbolism of candles in Wicca and pagan practices, they are often linked to ritualistic spiritual events that celebrate or commemorate specific occasions. Candles may also represent an offering to an evil or powerful being. Therefore, it is wise to be very cautious when giving candles as a gift, especially during the Samhain season, also known as Halloween.

Do Candle tattoos work best on men or women?

Candle tattoos are popular with both men and women. Most people who choose to get this type of tattoo are free-spirited individuals who never stop exploring their own beliefs, ideas, and spirituality.

For example, some people wear candles as necklaces or attach them to their keychains. As for the design of a candle tattoo itself, all it takes to create a powerful design is making the candle the focus of the tattoo.

Candle tattoo placements and their meanings

Candles can be tattooed anywhere on the body. Some people prefer to put them on their backs, others go for arms or legs and some choose to get a candle on their chest.

The location of your tattoo can determine what message you want your design to convey:

  • Candle tattoos placed near the back, especially above the buttocks, signify strength and the desire to accomplish great things. People who get this type of tattoo may also want to show off their independence and self-sufficiency.
  • Candle tattoos put on lower legs indicate a willingness to search for something new; they can represent an urge to travel or an eagerness to learn more about the world around them.
  • Candle tattoos located on the chest represent a strong, unbroken bond with loved ones. They send a message of warmth and family love. On the other hand, candles positioned low down on the torso may indicate dissatisfaction with current conditions in one’s career or relationship.

Popular Candle tattoo designs and ideas

There are many different types of candle tattoo designs. The best way to come up with something original is to find a design that has personal meaning for you, one that will remind you of what your life was like before everything changed (before the darkness or the unknown). Here are some popular candle tattoo designs:

Candles in jars – One of the most popular candle tattoo designs is a jar with a lit candle inside. This design can be simple or more complex, depending on your choice.

Single candles – Another common type of candle tattoo design symbolizes an individual’s hope for something good to happen in life. People who have this type of tattoo usually believe that they will find their path in life and that they will learn something new about themselves.

Candle bunnies – These tattoos show single candles surrounded by various shapes, such as hearts or stars. This design can represent the discovery of love or light in your life. It may also show the intention to follow an unaltered path, even when it gets difficult.

candle arm tattoo
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