Cat and Moon tattoo meaning ( fantasy or love ?)

The image of a Cat staring at the moon is engraved in your brain and you want to move it to your skin ?

Cat and Moon ankle tattoo

I don’t blame you, this design is pretty trendy and quite meaningful. The cat and moon tattoo can mean many things, from loving mysteries and fantasy to magic and nightlife.

Continue reading this article to discover each meaning in detail.

Cat and Moon arm tattoo

The meaning behind cat and moon tattoos

1) Mystery : 

minimalist cat and moon ankle tattoo

Cats are often associated with mystery, because they are very independent, silent and contemplative. In many cultures, cats are considered a symbol of mystery and secrecy.

Moon tattoos are often considered to have the same mystery and attractiveness as the cat.

2) Love : 

cat and moon back tattoo

The moon is a metaphor for love, because it reflects its beauty in each hour. The cat sign is related to this attraction and admiration of beauty and nature. In addition, the moon is also a symbol of romance and idealism in many traditions, especially in fairy tales and stories. These ideas are very inspiring for lovers of tattoos as an expression of their love.

3) Nature : 

Cat and Moon back tattoo

The cat is the king of nature, because it is a wild and independent animal. It stands for the strength and intelligence of nature. The moon is also associated with the earth and with fertility. This symbolism reinforces the relationship between cats and the moon.

4) Magic : (feeling witchy ?) 

Cat and Moon arm tattoo

Cats are often associated with magic or witchcraft, and this symbolism also comes from cats in ancient times who were used to detect spells of evil spirits through their actions.

In fact, some people believe that the cat has supernatural powers or is somehow connected to the occult. Indeed, many cultures believe that the cat can manipulate the spirits, or has a direct link to the fairy world.

The moon also has a certain magic, especially its light that illuminates the dark nights of men. In addition, its path on the sky is also compared to something supernatural or magical. All these comparisons of cat and moon tattoos are related to magic and occultism

5) Fantasy : 


Finally, we can not forget about fantasy. The cat is often associated with those who like to live in their dream world, those who love imagination above all else. The moon is considered a symbol of the imagination of children and can also represent a fantasy.

However, these symbols are very interwoven with other ideas. For example, some believe that the moon is associated with the stars, which are like little lights in the sky. The cat is often compared to these stars and their meaning to be placed on skin.

In conclusion

A Cat And Moon Tattoo can symbolize many things. That’s why it is best to think about the meaning that you want to give to this tattoo before making it.

In any case, The Cat And Moon Tattoo is a symbol of mystery and fantasy, that is why it is a good idea to make it with your best friend as a sign of solidarity and unreachable love.


There are many different designs for the Cat And Moon Tattoo so you may want to use Google Images to find something that suits you.

In addition, do not forget that the tattoo can be made on any part of your body because it is very symbolic and can be very small.

Finally, I will leave you some extra articles you can read to better understand this beautiful symbiosis between the cat and moon tattoos.