Birds On Branch Tattoo Meaning [ explained ]

Birds On Branch Tattoo

“Bird on branch” tattoos mean many things to different people. Some say it is the way they feel when they wake up each day, while others find it peaceful and serene. A lot of people actually enjoy finding out the true meaning behind their bird on branch tattoos because it is almost always a reflection … Read more

fox and rabbit tattoo meaning [ explained]

fox and rabbit tattoo

A rabbit and fox are traditional symbols of wisdom. Foxes versus rabbits is a battle that is thought to represent the struggle between logic and emotion. For this reason, this tattoo serves often as a reminder to find balance between these two opposite sides of the brain. If you’re looking for a tattoo with a … Read more

Serpent Cross Tattoo Meaning [ explained ]

cross snake tattoo

The serpent Cross on a tattoo is an often misinterpreted symbol that consists of a serpent being draped around either in a cross without the top, or traditional Christian cross. Because of the twisting healical nature of the snake, many people quickly associated with the rod of asclepius the ancient symbol for medicine, or the … Read more

Snake and dagger tattoo meaning [Explained]

Snake and dagger tattoo

Snakes and daggers tattoos have a fairly straightforward background. A snake and dagger symbolize the idea of “never give up.” It is an emblem that most often shows up in the military context, when someone wants to show that they are willing to go above and beyond what is expected of them. They want to … Read more

Firefly tattoo meaning and symbolism

The firefly is a small, delicate creature that emits a soft light from its abdomen. It is beloved by many for its beauty and serenity and has come to be associated with enlightenment, happiness, hope, and love. So, What does a firefly tattoo mean? Firefly tattoos are therefore often chosen as symbols of enlightenment, happiness … Read more

Sea urchin tattoo meaning and symbolism

The sea urchin is one of the many tattoo designs that are quickly gaining in popularity. This creature is often chosen for its unique and intricate look, as well as for its symbolic meaning. Sea urchins can be found on both land and in the water, and they come in a variety of shapes and … Read more

Cockroach tattoo meaning and symbolism

The cockroach is an insect that is often seen as a pest, but some people see them in a different light. Some people see cockroaches as symbols of strength, adaptability and resiliency. These are all qualities that can be associated with tattoos of cockroaches. In some cultures, the cockroach is also seen as a symbol … Read more

Centipede tattoo meaning and symbolism

Centipedes have a long and complex history with humans. They are often associated with pestilence, death, and decay. Their appearance in mythology and folklore is usually indicative of bad news or coming misfortune. Centipedes are not insects. They are, in fact, arthropods with long bodies and many legs. Because of this, they have a somewhat … Read more

Penguin tattoo meaning and symbolism

Penguin tattoos are very popular with people who want to express their love for animals, nature, and Antarctica. That’s why penguin tattoo designs are perfect for you if you like cute, exotic creatures that inhabit cold regions. What’s the meaning behind penguin tattoos? Penguins are cute and fluffy animals that we immediately see as innocent … Read more

Pig tattoo meaning and symbolism

A pig tattoo is a popular choice for people who love animals and want to immortalize their love in the form of ink on their skin. Pigs are associated with dirtiness because they like rolling around in the mud. That’s why many people see pigs as very dirty animals, even though getting close enough to … Read more