Penguin tattoo meaning and symbolism

Penguin tattoos are very popular with people who want to express their love for animals, nature, and Antarctica. That’s why penguin tattoo designs are perfect for you if you like cute, exotic creatures that inhabit cold regions. What’s the meaning behind penguin tattoos? Penguins are cute and fluffy animals that we immediately see as innocent … Read more

Pig tattoo meaning and symbolism

A pig tattoo is a popular choice for people who love animals and want to immortalize their love in the form of ink on their skin. Pigs are associated with dirtiness because they like rolling around in the mud. That’s why many people see pigs as very dirty animals, even though getting close enough to … Read more

Cow tattoo meaning and symbolism

When it comes to cow tattoo symbolism, your totem could be many things. The cow is a very versatile animal and it can represent not only bovines but also strength, the feminine (motherly) side of your personality, or even wealth. Depending on its color and design it may symbolize different characteristics as well. A black … Read more

Snail tattoo meaning and symbolism.

Snails and their shells have long been a symbol of protection and good luck. They often appear in the folklore of many countries as symbols of safekeeping, security, and sanctuary. The shell provides a safe dwelling for the soft, vulnerable body of the mollusk, which retreats into its home. This has made them symbols of … Read more

Piranha tattoo meaning and symbolism

Piranha tattoo designs have a symbolic meaning related to danger, risk and fearlessness. Such designs were popularized by the famous saying ”There are some things you can’t avoid with a big enough harpoon.” This quote talks about how it is impossible to escape death, giving us the impression that life is too frail and dangerous … Read more

Orca Tattoo Meaning and symbolism

Orcas seem to be very intelligent creatures with a strong family bond and effective social structure, just like humans. This is probably why the Orca tattoo becomes more popular every year. What’s the meaning behind orca tattoos? Orca tattoo’s symbolism is not as clear as the symbolism of other designs like Eagle or Lion Tattoos. … Read more

Osprey tattoo meaning and symbolism

We have all seen the osprey bird while taking a fishing trip, drifting over the river in search of its next meal. These birds are known to hover at a 45 degree angle for upwards of 30 minutes before dropping down on their prey. This leads us to believe that this bird has an inner … Read more

Camel tattoo meaning and symbolism

Camel tattoo designs are mostly selected by travelers. Camel is a great tattoo symbol that brings luck to the person who wears it. Whether you are travelling in the desert or want to show people that you have travelled places, camel tattoo designs are amazing choice to go with. The heart of a Camel is … Read more

Bobcat tattoo meaning and symbolism

The bobcat is a wild feline that occupies forests, thickets and swamps. It is known for being quite silent whether it hunts or moves through the wilderness. It typically isn’t seen unless it wants to be seen or if it’s too close to one’s home. The American Bobcat measures only about 20 inches tall, weighs … Read more

Bat tattoo meaning and symbolism

In many cultures throughout history, bats have been considered both a sign of good fortune and symbol of the underworld. In Western culture, the bat is often associated with darkness and the night. Bats are usually depicted in tattoos in a negative light because of their nocturnal nature or their association with vampires in pop-culture. … Read more