Weasel tattoo meaning and symbolism

First of all, I want to mention that weasels are not rodents. In fact, they belong to a different taxonomic order than the rats and mice family. Their physical appearance is similar though: they have pointy snouts, small eyes and big ears. They have sharp teeth and their body is usually in a torpedo form … Read more

mantis tattoo meaning and symbolism

The mantis is a very special insect. The praying mantis has got many symbolic meanings and we will try to explain them all here. But first let’s see what makes her so special. Credit instagram The name “praying” comes from the way the forelegs are held together in prayer like fashion (left over right) which … Read more

Grasshopper tattoo meaning

Grasshopper tattoo meaning is very simple and straight forward. It symbolizes patience and wisdom. This small insect can be also a sign of luck, especially when we talk about grasshopper with shining eyes. Credit instagram The most popular use of this image is the Celtic cross where the grasshopper is often placed in between rose … Read more

Heron tattoo meaning and symbolism

Heron tattoos have been slowly rising in popularity. These beautiful birds are typically associated with different ideas and meanings, depending on their location and habitat.  In this article we will explore some of the most popular meanings behind heron tattoos. Credit Instagram In the US , for instance, heron tattoos are known to represent wisdom, … Read more

Sloth tattoo meaning and symbolism

Sloths are arboreal mammals noted for slowness of movement and for spending most of their lives hanging upside down in the trees of the tropical rainforests of South America and Central America. Credit Instagram These animals derive from a very primitive group that may also include extinct relatives such as Paleoparadoxia. sloth tattoos can mean … Read more

Teddy bear tattoo meaning

The little fella has so many different meanings that you can surely find an idea to match your own interests and desires. This is not only about cuteness, there are also deeper things involved so keep reading if you want to learn more. Credit Instagram To discover the symbolism behind the teddy bear tattoo we … Read more

Lobster tattoo meaning

Lobster tattoos are a great idea if you want a tattoo design that is completely unique and original. Lobsters make fantastic tattoos as they have a lot of interesting symbolism and attributes, which makes them a very special choice. This article will help you find out all about lobster tattoos including what they can represent, … Read more

Elk tattoo meaning

The Elk is a large member of the deer family that inhabits forests and plains in North America. The male elk are called bulls, the female are cows and baby elk are called calves. During the mating season in the spring they grow large antlers that are used for fighting other bulls or defending themselves … Read more

Otter tattoo meaning

The sea’s most playful mammal – otters – with their curious nature and distinctive look were always connected with water. Some people even say that they personify mermaids with their human-like paws and facial expressions. As cute as they may seem with their chubby bodies covered in thick fur coats, otters are actually tough animals. … Read more

Chameleon tattoo meaning

The chameleon is a well-known lizard found all over the planet. It lives in subtropical and tropical climates, which means it doesn’t really mind the weather, no matter where it lives. Credit Instagram The camouflage provided by its superpowers allows this creature to hide from predators or catch prey easily, so you can see why … Read more